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Bode Animation

Explainer Video Production in Bangalore

Who we are?

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We have been into a deeper research on the art of video making and the future of communication from the time even before the word 'Explainer Video' was in existence We are the foremost company to be captured by Wikepedia for describing the term explainer video to online visitors. Be it a startup or a large corporate, It goes without saying that Bode Animation is the preferred brand for video partnership which is evident from our clientele.

Our team is a mix of highly talented engineers, management graduates, gold medalists and people with doctorate.

We are the only explainer video company with a strong technology background coupled with state of the art production studio.

No one else can understand your business language as we do.

Having delivered 500 videos across 27 countries and in 19 languages, We are led by our passion for Video Making.

Bangalore Startups

We help startups and corporates in Bangalore use videos effectively for their marketing and communication initiatives.

Every budding entrepreneur is now advised by angel investors and venture capitalists to carry a pitching video. Having said that, the startup ecosystem is keen in investing on videos even while bootstrapping. Bode Animation is offering affordable packages specifically for early stage companies and incubates. Our pitching videos are being watched frequently by the following VCs.

Startup Networking

We frequently create networking opportunities where upcoming entrepreneurs can meet, share stories and gain maximum exposure. If you have a promising business idea, let's be in touch. We are creating a platform wherein you can connect to VCs for funding. Show us your interest by writing to shyam@bodeanimation.com.

Top Videos



An advance 2d animation style video by Bode Animation for Vizury, that offers online campaign management, reports and analytics.

Frontal Rain


Frontal Rain helps you and your teams in tracking a huge supplier and distributor base directly. Rain+ powers your business to aggressively grow and expand equipping you to cater to international market demands as well, all this achieved with reduced operating expenses.

World's First Performance Marketing Hub Video


Vizury comes with a solution- the Vizury Marketing Hub where there is intersection of Data, Insights and Marketing. It is the world’s first Performance Marketing Hub.


" Digital Marketing Without a Video is No More a Marketing. Explainer Video is the Present and Future of Effective Communication. The death of a Video Style is inevitable from time to time but video as such is immortal."
- Team Bode