Does your startup explain all your product features without fail. Great! You are starting to lose your consumers already because people don’t care about the endless features your products have. They care about what’s in it for them. So the classic AIDAS formula remains to be timeless. Create the need, describe your customers the problem and how you solve it. So talk more about “You” (the customer) than about you. Help them out of a problem and be innovative in doing so.

So how do you convey the WOW factor of your product or service?

What: Should explain what you do in the most fundamental terms. Explain what is the necessity of your product/service. Use no jargons that may sound cliched.

Why: Explain why you exist in market: explain what problem you solve. Explain what opportunity you create for them.

How: Explain how you do what you do, what kind of technology you use; what kind of materials you use.

And if your marketing strategies have failed to do it, you must consider Explainer Videos to sort out this issue.

Because, explainer video is a best way to convey your complex marketing messages in a crisp and simplified manner. “How to videos”, helps you to connect better with your potential customer by explaining “What” your business can do for them and “why” they should choose you over other competing businesses.

Explainer videos are,

Always short and simple:

It has very crispy and simple sentences in explaining the script of the concept.

Clarifies the objective of your business:

People can gain clear understanding of your product by seeing and hearing.

Identifies the problem that needs to be solved:

In one sentence, explains the problem experienced by your potential customers.

Explains what your solution means for your customers:

Along with explaining your solution, it also clearly explains: what will be the end result of your product or service? Does it save money, make their life easier or give them new opportunities? and likewise.

Personalizes your product/service:

The more interactive you can make your pitch, the higher the chances that your audience will be receptive to it.

More power to engage and entertain the viewers:

Explainer videos are eye catchy and grabs the viewers attention within the first 5-10 seconds of the video. And animated videos are very special, because the story they say can be related with easily.

Easily shareable:

Unlike text web pages, powerpoint presentations, videos are easily shareable. People are more likely to share and watch videos on the Internet.

Turns your viewers into your customers:

It helps your potential customers to remember, what your product do for them and why they choose you over other competitive products. Of Course, these short videos may not be explaining your idea but it makes your communication more interactive and creates higher chances that your audience will be receptive to it.

Wrap Up:

Searching for an expert company? Before getting ready to create one, start practicing it yourself to explain your business core message in two lines.

Already used an explainer video for your company? If yes then share your views with us. we would love to hear from you!

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Bhuvana is a part of business development team of Bode Animation. She is an aspiring writer with fresh writing skill sets and an expert in strategic marketing.
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