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Demo Videos Explained

Let’s face it. No one likes to sit through a boring Power Point presentation. A bored viewer would more than likely forget half of what he saw after a few minutes. In other words, in order for businesses to truly stand out, it needs to engage reviewers and reporters from the start. If a message takes more than a minute for a company to outline its goals a person would more than likely skip to another link than bear through a text based message.

Most viewers would never bother sifting through copious amounts of digital marketing material in order to find out what your company actually does either. That is, unless they had a very good reason to.

That reason could be demo videos. A demo video is a video representation that details the goals of a business in a creative and innovative way. People are used to consuming online. Unfortunately this also means that a lazy consumer will not bother reading through a text based sales pitch that takes more than 2 minutes to make sense. At Bode Animation we work with our clients to create engaging demo videos that showcase their exploits to their audience in the best possible light.

Explainer Videos

The aim of a video should be to educate. However, in case of business videos, the aim should be to create a video that not only educates consumers but also doesn’t sound like a sales pitch. This is why a significant amount of companies have explainer videos overviews on their home pages. The fact that video production costs less than printing out thousands of advertisements is another reason why most businesses are using a technological approach to stand apart from the competition.

As the name implies an explainer video is an animated representation that explains how a product or business works. A lot of companies use this technology to great effect. Take the tech giant Apple’s website as an example. It features explainer videos for virtually anything that its top selling product, the iPhone can do and more. Even Google uses video walkthroughs in order to familiarize viewers to any new features it introduces.

Typically an explainer video is more detailed than a demo video. It shouldn’t be more than a minute or two long either if the aim is to keep viewers engaged till the end. Needless to say, cramming a lot of information into a two minute video can be challenging for a business that has a lot to offer.

This is where Bode Animation stands out. Our explainer videos have a lot more room for information. Our skilled artists and videographers can make the most detailed business goals come alive in a 2 minute explainer video. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot to say or very little. We work together with our clients to ensure their explainer videos represent and explain their businesses in a way that is engaging and informative.

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