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Chancen-manufaktur are the consultants and trainers for the corporate; for keeping the competitive edge and managing their people as productive. This video explains how they can help you for growing your business efficiency as internal and external.


Today’s managers are challenged; They devote more than 60% of their time to solve disputes among their team members and between departments. Low productivity and poisoned atmosphere make it stressful to work and lead. Managers think: How to achieve higher productivity? And how to reduce the time I need to invested in resolving disputes? First: It’s important to distinguish different sorts of conflicts. There are “Go away” conflicts and “Fruitful” disputes. “Go away” conflicts slow down productivity and need to be resolved early on to save costs. “Fruitful” disputes need to be resolved in a different manner to harvest the potential innovation power. Second: Managers need the skills and methodology to analyze, disputes and manage the parties involved in an efficient and sustainable manner. COLLISUS Our Conflict-Culture-Training is a one-day workshop. The training is designed to teach how to evaluate conflicts and provides a step-by-step process for managers to “make peace” amongst their team members in a progressive way. The training is practical, resembles day-to-day situations managers face and provides all the necessary tools to feel comfortable to tackle the problem. Disputes will be resolved within a fraction of the time needed before. Training schedules and venues are tailored to your company’s needs to provide the best value for the money. Addressing just one conflict too late or missing out on innovation is far more expensive. The advanced training also teaches in more detail, how to unlock the innovation power from fruitful conflicts. Call today to find out more or go to Chancen-Manufaktur.com

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