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Crystal Gate


A staggering amount of data transaction is taking place in the Cloud Computing arena and it is growing rapidly. Amount of Cloud Data providers is constantly growing and expose more and more Information via API’s (Application Programming Interface). Meet Mark - IT Manager. Mark’s organization systems get the data from several internet sources. But each one of the Data Providers has its own standard and support different protocols and connection methods. It is very hard to -Develop -Support -Define IT Strategy He is very much worried about to get the job done properly. Meet Liam - A Software Developer who used to develop interfaces between organizational applications and external vendor’s applications He spends great deal of time to write an effective code. But he can't ensure that his code is always perfect. Now, Meet Dave - CFO He has no tools to understand the reasons of monthly payments to data providers nor the relevance or efficiency in those payments. What they need is an effective system to get 360 degree perspective to solve this problem. If current integration to cloud / B2B data providers is -Complex to develop and maintain -Not transparent -And expensive… Then call Crystal Gate Solution. It offers simplicity and flexibility. As an IT manager, you will be able to define clear strategy regarding preferred way of integration and make sure that integration will be done in one standard protocol. The system will do the transformation from Data Provider’s unique protocol to one that you desire and provide many technological advantages that you familiar to see in many ESB platforms. The programmers can easily choose relevant API Method, Preferred Protocol and Development Language and immediately they receive ready-to-use code. Keep track of data transaction Understand the flow of data… If you are a Start-up company or a grown-up enterprise, Chrystal Gate instantly offers the right solution to develop and manage interfaces. Just choose a preferred data provider, choose connection method and drag it to your organizational applications…. Hurry up... Log on to our site and register to get the first-hand experience... Its FREE.

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We are an ingenious proficient team, who work together in Bode Animation for making ultimate visual masterpieces which explain your business. We have the most young and energetic team of individuals who enjoy trying something new each day. Young and energetic is not the word, as our team always proves more than just that. Such a skillful and professional team who imbibe the requirement and come up with what is expected and more. Bode Animation’s team holds recognition and awards for their excellent way of storytelling and teaser video creation.

At Bode Animation, we strive hard to achieve only one passion – to effectively narrate your business story to the globe and enable effortless conversions.

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