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Road Runner Advertising

Road Runner Advertising

Roadrunner advertising is a new experience for your company’s promotional and marketing requirements. This new age advertising has covered every mode of advertising and you can watch the video for better understanding.


Imagine a congested highway. Hundreds of cars are moving up and down the road, every driver in a hurry to reach his or her destination. With the population on the rise, the number of vehicles is going to keep increasing for the foreseeable future. As a business owner, wouldn’t you love to have the chance to advertise your products to the people on the roads? However, people are no longer interested in billboards. People have gotten tired of seeing huge billboards and don’t pay attention to them anymore. Plus, you get limited exposure through billboards. You need to think out-of-the-box for promotion. Thankfully, there is a way to get your message across in an exciting way that grabs the commuters’ attention: Road Runner Advertising. Get huge, in your face ads on the road. The difference is that your ads aren’t stationary. They are printed on 50ft long semi trailers! Having your ad on a semi trailer provides unlimited exposure. Just have your ads driven up and down the state or across the country. This is the best way to get your ads seen by the millions of people on the road. What’s more, you get access to features like QR codes and GPS tracking. Any commuter with a smartphone or tablet can scan the QR code printed on the ad on the semi trailer and download important information about your business and products. GPS tracking allows you to keep an eye on the locations your ad has been to. We make use of side ads, skirt ads and backdoor ads for promoting your products. Using skirts reduces the diesel emissions by up to 7%. That means less fuel consumed and the environmental impact minimized. This makes Road Runner Advertising an eco-friendly option for you. So, reach more people with the large ads by contacting us through our website and liking us on Facebook. Let’s get your ad campaign rolling!

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We are an ingenious proficient team, who work together in Bode Animation for making ultimate visual masterpieces which explain your business. We have the most young and energetic team of individuals who enjoy trying something new each day. Young and energetic is not the word, as our team always proves more than just that. Such a skillful and professional team who imbibe the requirement and come up with what is expected and more. Bode Animation’s team holds recognition and awards for their excellent way of storytelling and teaser video creation.

At Bode Animation, we strive hard to achieve only one passion – to effectively narrate your business story to the globe and enable effortless conversions.

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