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What is Video Scribing?

Video Scribing

Most businesses have realized the importance of video marketing and it is easy to see why. The purpose of a video is to educate by entertaining. But that won’t happen if no one bothers to watch it through to the end. The trick is to get your audience hooked from the start and make them stay that way. In order to achieve something like that a video needs to be peppered with subtle hints of comic relief, movements or anything that might get a viewer to smile.

Why it Matters

Think of it this way. Scribe videos are educational cartoons for adults. They are easier to follow than regular business or Power Point tutorials. In addition a viewer is more than likely to talk about them or share them with other people thereby spreading the word about a business faster and for free.

Businesses depend on outrageous and never seen before ideas that can get the right kind of attention and drive sales. What is more engaging than an animated video explaining complex business procedures, products and services to an audience strapped for time? Video Scribing can be an invaluable marketing tool since it can turn the dullest information into an engaging presentation that everyone would like to see through to the end.

This is where our services come in. Bode Animation can give life to the most dreary information thereby making it more exciting and easier to understand. Our RSA style scribe or sketch board animation gives businesses the push they need to make their brand stand out. See your ideas in illustration and watch them come to life.

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