Cost-benefit Analysis of Video Hosting

“You have created a flawless video; now all you have to do is find an equally perfect video server. But from hundreds of diverse video servers branching into two main categories that are paid video servers and free video servers, which would best suit your need?”

With increasing prevalence of internet in our society, it is only understandable that we use video hosting websites as a portal to infinite entertainment. We have all in various facets of life used a video hosting service. Be it to upload a song which nobody could sing better than us, a tutorial video, or even a birthday celebration, our enthusiasm knew no bounds. Websites, such as YouTube have become a vital part of our lives and existing without such video hosting websites in unheard of in this technology driven era.

By way of a wide spread explosion in the popularity of blogs and forums, etc., it is only inevitable that its mass market would gain a growing amount of fame.


Video hosting is when users post videos on a server to be kept there for an indefinite amount of time. Those users can be commercial users, posting videos to further strengthen their businesses or for promotion. Private users usually use these servers for their own entertainment, and to post their abilities, happenings of their life, etc. Hence, neither the latter nor the former is discriminated in the video hosting business. The video size can vary in size. From a short 60 seconds video to a 2 hour video, all sorts of videos are uploaded. Often a link is given to the user in order to share his or her video, with who they desire. There are different forms of video hosting servers, from paid to free servers. An increment in video hosting server’s fame should also give its dues to blogging through smartphone. These phones are gadgets with every resource available to create videos, and since ease and comfort is what everyone requires, video blogging through smart phones has made everything simpler and trouble free.


Video hosting servers are essential as they generate a huge amount of traffic and can provide you with that traffic and also give your content extra exposure. There are various benefits of video hosting. From no maintenance of personal servers to reduction in costs compared to hosting without servers, its advantages are plenty. Few of the common benefits we have in mind while using a video hosting is no responsibility of bandwidth, our convenience and ease, and guaranteed uptime. Along with that storage is a huge deal sealer for many people as well.

But amidst it all, a question arises: Is paid video hosting better or free video hosting?

Free video hosting – YouTube:


Some people struggle between hosting videos on their own servers, and posting video on video sharing website. Cost is the biggest issue they face as when you post videos on your own host or a paid hosting service, expenses tend to increase with every new change. Yet, in a free video hosting service you don’t face such problems. Websites such as YouTube offer free memberships, hence not putting a dent in your pockets. On YouTube user channels are free of any cost, hence enabling you to easily get about your work. They do have a policy of no commercial use, but Google does not have resources to see this policy go through. But if you want to market your product in the best way possible, you could get a onetime membership charge of a brand manager and just start your promotion. No need to pay extra design fee or anything.


YouTube’s massive popularity makes sure that it is one of the most visited websites. This helps in generating a huge amount of traffic. That traffic can also be used by the user to serve his purposes. Also, the fact that it is owned by Google does not go unappreciated because Google is world’s largest search engine. And by using YouTube, you are increasing the chances of your video being watched. This is an added bonus by YouTube. Yet if you use any other hosting server it will not provide you with the same traffic generation. And a hosting a video on your own server, would limit your concurrent users.


The number of videos posted is also a drawback to choosing any other hosting server than YouTube, as YouTube offers an unlimited amount of video uploads, yet another hosting service would offer a limited amount due to mostly server space. Precisely, because of this You Tube could also suffer a disadvantage, as it is extremely difficult to find a good video amongst so many other videos. Almost like finding a diamond in all that rough. So if its exclusivity you desire than hosting videos on a paid server or your own sever might work better.


Familiarity also works in the favor of YouTube, as YouTube has been in the market for a long time.


Search engine optimization and advertising are also offered by YouTube. Since YouTube is supported by Google, it helps its case almost infinitely.

Paid video servers:


In an era when money matters most, it is only reasonable that we try to figure out a way to make money with investing the least possible amount of money. But though, it might work for few, but mostly businesses work on the formula that money requires money in order to come out of it as a success. Thus, we come back to the main subject at hand. What is the cost benefit analysis of video hosting?

There are a number of paid video hosting servers which suit the diversified needs of everyone. From Brightcove to Wistia, there is something for all.

Brightcove is a paid video hosting service which charges $99 a month initially and goes way beyond that in the following months. It is ideal for companies which require a huge amount of viewers, even upto about a million viewers. Their minimum priced plan offers styling tools required for the player, analytics and also social sharing tools. However their most expensive packages offer live streaming which is a must for a lot of companies, video SEO and network integration.

Others, such as Wistia and WelcomeMat, are mid-price ranged that is around $25 per month.

However, there are a lot of general advantages of paid servers you need to keep in mind while making your decision.


A free product does not offer you customer service, yet a paid one does. Same is the case with hosting servers, a free hosting server such as YouTube would not offer you customer service, yet a paid hosting server would. A good professional video provider can help in solving your problems.


If security is of utmost importance to you, then through paid video servers, you can keep your privacy and manage who sees your videos and who’s your audience. You private contents security breach would not be compromised through this.


You can escape the whole system of YouTube that specializes in making people watch related videos of the same video. Hence, not giving a chance to people to indulge in their brand promotion. Therefore, with a paid server, you can focus on your videos, and also make sure that the video player is devoid of YouTube’s brand, and you have the choice to while label your player.


A lot of times, firewalls restrict and sometimes even block free offerings such as YouTube. You could ensure through a paid server that your videos are not restricted.


As someone very aptly said, “Using a free service instead of a paid one is like eating food out of a trash bin instead of buying.” This to a certain extent correctly describes the conflict between paid and free servers. But it all comes down to what sort of service the user requires. If its marketing that a user require, than in my opinion a paid server would work better, as it does offer extra incentives and if it is personal use that a use prefers than they can’t get anything better than YouTube.

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