Online video content marketing
Writing good content is important but marketing the same to create positive organic traffic is the key in the Online Space. Today’s web surfers have become increasingly lazier and yet demanding.

When was the last time you actually read a book or a journal or a report, other than just the key points to gather enough information about the gist? If you take more than 5 seconds to answer this question, trust me that you are no different from the millions of people around you.

It is no secret that internet penetration has increased manifold. Almost every individual is aware and is using internet for varied uses. In this scenario, marketing through the online medium becomes prudent and cost effective. Gone are the days of spending oodles in the print and other offline media where reach is a big concern! With the advent of internet, reaching millions of end-users just at the click of a button becomes super easy.

With the constant evolution of internet and its usage, there will be unique and newer methods of appealing to a larger audience. Thus, with the growing popularity of videos, video marketing for the purpose of branding and online presence has grown phenomenally in the last couple of years. Year 2015 has played a pivotal role in the space for digital marketing with videos ruling it.

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I understand how important this investor meeting could be for you. So here I come with some quick tips on how to handle investors, impress them by not trying to impress them and win their hearts and the deal for a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.

Know your Investor

Before meeting the investor, have a thorough knowledge of the investor, their business and the market scenario.

Make sure you communicate with the right person. It is always best to choose the end person, the decision maker to have your interactions with. And the person whom you are meeting is the most important person and wants to be sure that he makes his investment in the right place. And more likely that he expects you to know everything he knows about. So if he is a tech-savvy person or a communication person, it is always better to have adequate knowledge on the fields that he has his expertise with. Read more…

Just remember that every big multinational competitor company that gives you a nightmare the moment you think of its name, you would have read a million times that they all started in small cubicle office spaces. And a strong positive attitude coupled with a mind-blowing business plan is what you need to win the rat race.

Don’t be an Obstacle

Here, I would like to share a small piece of information. If you are one them who think that video games are the worst enemies for children, please read on….

Have you ever wondered why these kids’ games have repeated boring model of overcoming obstacles and finally winning the game? These games are not mere games but designed with strong concept of training young brains to overcome real life obstacles. And this is definitely the need of the hour in this highly competitive world.
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As a business owner, you would have invested tons of hard-earned money in marketing your online videos, but have you ever assessed its ROI performance? If not, then it is high time that you do with video analytics, and keep your business on track.

What is video analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that helps you to monitor your online video’s performance with the latest metrics & reports. The information gathered through your video’s statistical reports like views, traffic source, demographics, etc., helps to evaluate, tweak and enhance its ROI performance.

What you can achieve?

  • Helps to obtain real-time analytics.
  • Effectively optimize your content and capture leads.
  • Minimize your production cost,
  • Get an enhanced ROI for your online videos. Read more…

Today video is the most effective way to tell the story and is the preferred social medium by the marketing professionals. Within very short duration videos have become main key elements in content marketing.

You may said or heard the words, “we are definitely going to use more video marketing in this new year”. So there is no doubt that 2014 is the year of video content marketing.

Videos have been popular since the birth of YouTube and many Social Medias. In 2013, nearly everyone said “The next big thing in content marketing is video”.

Why video content marketing becoming big:

No doubt, content is certainly King! Effective content secures your loyal customers and that allows you to touch new heights of success in business. Marketers started spending nearly ⅓ of their budget on content marketing.

We can see video content is becoming more responsive than other types. Because, videos are generally faster and easier to digest than text-heavy content.

Day by day increased influence between customers and buyers by video, turns marketers to get more feedback about their content.

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