Just remember that every big multinational competitor company that gives you a nightmare the moment you think of its name, you would have read a million times that they all started in small cubicle office spaces. And a strong positive attitude coupled with a mind-blowing business plan is what you need to win the rat race.

Don’t be an Obstacle

Here, I would like to share a small piece of information. If you are one them who think that video games are the worst enemies for children, please read on….

Have you ever wondered why these kids’ games have repeated boring model of overcoming obstacles and finally winning the game? These games are not mere games but designed with strong concept of training young brains to overcome real life obstacles. And this is definitely the need of the hour in this highly competitive world.

Moving on from the philosophies of business, let’s get right on to our topic. How a start up company can stand out despite stiff competition?

Sounds challenging right? Yes, it definitely is. That’s why we are here to explore ways of facing challenges, overcoming obstacles and winning over your competitors, spot on !

A clear cut business plan is the very first requisite for your business. It is the blue print of your business. And a very well defined marketing strategy for your brand is what makes the difference. A difference that can be mind-boggling to you just as it does for the others; and that’s how the major transformation happens; from Cubicle to Corporate.

Identify your prospective customers

Not just an overview or their demographic research, but get in their shoes, think of their psychology, how they think, talk behave or socialize. That is how you can get into their brains and talk to them on a personal level.

Just geographic data can give you an outline but getting the pulse of your audience goes a long way in exploring new ways of interacting with them. You can use several ways for researching your audience, your product / service to understand how to connect with them. Even less expensive ways of getting to know your customers like getting a form filled with their feedbacks would help you with your research.

Now when you have all the information about your prospects is when you can break the ice with them.

Identify your USP / USPs.

Yes, every brand has a different USP that they talk and emphasize about throughout their marketing messages, either through their Logo, tagline, advertisement, ATL or BTL. If you have a real USP, fine highlight it or you can create an emotional USP for your brand like Trust, love, commitment, accuracy etc.

It is the value that you propose to your customers that really matters to them than who you are or what you do. And keep working on your flaws to justify your value proposition. Only then can you retain your customers. It is the brand quality they experience that helps in retention of your customers. And your existing customers are your greatest prospects you should never miss out.

And if you are a start up company, you need to create opportunities rather than waiting for the right opportunity to come your way. It is even more challenging to get your marketing messages across to you customers among the biggies that have downright occupied their minds.

How do you reach your Prospects?

Nobody gives much time to a stranger. When you are new to your customers, you need to grab their attention quick yet should be bang-on. Online marketing strategies work well for start up companies like an explainer video for web is one of very effective ways of explaining complex concepts in the most simplified manner that a common man can understand and retain in his memory. It is simple and to the point.

There are different genres of explaining your product / service. A storytelling model works well when infused with your branding. So a right of mix of strategies to conceptualize an explainer video goes a long way in scaling up your brand value and recognition. Whether your target is branding or selling or both, a good explainer video comes handy with you for your presentations, web intro, viral marketing and more.

So a well planned marketing strategy must definitely go right. If it fails, then it was not planned right. So you need to have the basics right, that is the planning and strategising and the rest will have to fall in place.

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