Are Millennials, your primary audience/user/customer? Do you communicate and share a lot of content with the Millennials? If your answer is yes, we have something interesting to share that you may benefit from.

You must have read or heard by now, the numerous statistics that prove that videos are the best way to communicate to a larger audience, irrespective of which generation they belong to. Click here for more on video statistics from Hubspot.

Before we dig deep into how exactly you could devise a specific video marketing strategy to influences the Millennials, allow us to describe these people, the so called Millennials, for the sake of clarity.


Millennials are “Digital Natives”

Millennials are “Digital Natives”, a term coined by U.S. author Marc Prensky in October 2001 (“On the Horizon”). Millennials were born into the world prevalent with digital devices and the Internet. It is natural for them to watch content online, share their opinions online and share the content that they “like” online.

A quick note on the various generations widely referred to and talked about:
1. Greatest Generation: The generation from World War II. Those who were born before 1945.
2. Baby Boomers: Those who were born between 1946 and 1964. Kids of those from the Greatest Generation.
3. Generation X: Those who were born between 1965 and 1982.
4. Millennials (a.k.a Digital Natives): Those born between 1982 and 2004.
5. iGeneration: Those who were born after 2004.


Millenials are buried in their phones

If you are convinced and wondering, “ok, I got it, but how do I get started to influence the Millennials?”, a quick question. Have you tried using Video as your mode of communication to reach out? Look around to observe the Millennials in a public setting? You will realize that most of them are buried in their phones.

Standing in a line, and in front of you, you catch that tall guy watching a 15 second Instagram clipping on their phone. At the departmental store, you notice a housewife pausing in the middle of her shopping to learn how to make dumplings, digesting a 20 second cooking tip FaceBook Video on her phone. Later in the metro, you see a man gazing at his phone watching a YouTube Video byte on politics.

In a queue, in the elevator, waiting for a cab, sitting in the doctor’s clinic, in the parlour, snackable video watching on mobile is on the rise. This trend is only going to continue as per Zenith Media’s Online Video Forecasts, “….by 2019, mobile devices will account for 72% of all online video viewing, up from 61% [in 2017].(Source:


What is a Snackable Video?

  • Snackable  Video is any content that is short, memorable and abundantly filling.
  • Content available in Video format for easy viewing on mobile phones.
  • It’s simple, eye-catching and easy to follow.
  • Visually appealing content that can provide value to your audience in a minute or less.
  • Snackable  Video is a self contained visual that is compelling and entertaining.

Here are some of the most satisfying snackable videos for you.



Why Snackable Video?

Sorry to break it to you, but with dwindling attention spans, it is challenging to sit through content that is longer than 60 seconds at a single sitting and without a break. Unless, you are selling interactive video games. To retain the attention of the millennial, you need to be where they spend most of their time. You need to hook them with the short and memorable videos that accomplish the following:

  • Drives actionable engagement and thereby, the traffic
  • Elevate the brand awareness
  • Optimized for mobiles and social channels
  • Scalable to use on various platforms
  • Fits more information into a limited timeslot
  • Easily shareable
  • High-quality and budget friendly.



How can a Snackable Video help?

Snackable Video content serves as a marketing tool to direct traffic to long-form content or any other landing point within your strategy. So, big ideas in a snackable format that’s accessible for a millennial during a break time is pivotal to the success of your marketing campaign. You may have your website, or a app on social media selling a product or a service. Call To Action on the video will influence your audience to visit your website or your app.

On an average a millennial spends 5.4 hours on social media every day. This time is spread out in short stints of scrolling. It is essential to address this declining attention spans and gain traction during those few moments. Snackable media is leveraged toward the mobile consumer as 66% of millennials follow brands on social media.(Source:

With the influx of Video content, it is also hard not to notice the incessant sharing of such bite-sized content on social media. It is just so addictive that one can’t help but watch and share such content every time they pop up on our phones. Every time, someone shares your content, your brand is being noticed.


How to create Snackable Videos?

Snackable Videos don’t need a big budget or huge hours of production. All you need is a bit of creativity, a compelling narrative, and insight into the interests of your customers.

1. Create miniclips of your existing Video.
2. Share visually striking clips as a teaser.
3. Create bloopers that can go a long way.

Bode Animation has been helping brands create short Videos with compelling/memorable content that can gear up traffic to your website/social media.

Snacking may most likely increase waist-line. However, snackable videos will most likely increase your topline. Snackable Videos are the future of Video marketing and can enhance marketing ROI for your brand.

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