What the word “WATER” means to “LIFE” same does the word “VIDEO” to “BUSINESS”. According to a report published by Forrester, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

Just a decade before, who would have thought that a “five-minute video” could help flourish a million dollar company. To everyone’s surprise, it had happened in the past, it is happening, and it will happen in the future too.

Explainer videos by far have spread like wildfire and had acquired a never ending throne in almost every field of Finance, Healthcare, Education, Food and more. Videos had proven to be the vital cause for the exponential growth of all these sectors. The explainer video industry had taken these sectors by storm and especially the startups. The viral reach and engagement factor of the video had made them pivotal to the success of many businesses.

Look out for the biggest problems solved, to be precise biggest deals sealed by Explainer videos. Here are some live instances where videos had proven its pivotal role in the marketing strategy of emerging businesses.


The magic of surf excel matic
Yes, Surf Excel took a compelling position under Unilever. Surf Excel had been an undisputed king in the detergent market until the products of P&G- Ariel and Tide came up with a tide. To counter this, and bring about a change Surf excel decided to present a video for Surf excel matic internal sales training and to module the sales trainees more efficient in selling the products by knowing the products benefit in a short period.

The video was created in a simple fashion where an animated sales trainee explains to a customer about the four benefits of surf excel matic to be used for washing machine over other ordinary products.

The Fruit of the video reaped in the year 2012 – 2013, when the sales revenue increased to 12,461 crores with sales growth of 9.4 % and volume growth of 7%.


Liberates pressure
Lybrate is an innovative online doctor database which gives people access to over 90,000 highly trained medical experts. So that, people can ask a doctor anything they want as simple as that with a touch of a finger.

But all they lacked was propaganda for an application-based platform. They thought that an explainer video of just 2 odd minutes would give greater insights to the consumers, which eventually would generate interest among viewers and hence traffic for them.

The awe-factors in the video were the stick characters and the concept of grabbing attention by highlighting only the things to be noticed in red.

Their guess was no miss as the video made great rounds during its release, thanks to its nature of being self-explanatory and giving a hint of humor in many places. Adding onto the points, that this video has earned them funding as well.


Case of D and D
Back in the United States, the attorney had a serious power of making revolutions. One such was about to happen in Drunk and Drive cases. Yes, innocent drivers too were convicted as accused, because of the discrepancies in the procedure to be followed in checking the blood samples by means of Gas Chromatography.

In fact, no good explanation of the procedure too is available on the web. The idea of creating live videos was dropped as it would make even matters worse. The only option they were left with was creating an Animated video.

A video made with engaging designs and style was presented. There was no voice over in the video as the advocates would pause at any time and explain to throw light on the judge about the concept.

The concept of Gas Chromatography had the 160-page document which would be pretty hard to explain. The video was so made with a seamless concept that even a layman would grab it with ease.

So from the question of “what more can a video do” to “What not a video can do”, animated videos have come a long way. From winning funds to defending an accused it has defied the odds of winning anything.

Videos have thus progressed to make entrepreneurs think about the fact that “Pixels can make their business to Excel”. A bunch of IMAGES can create a VIDEO, but that VIDEO can create an IMAGE for you.
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