I understand how important this investor meeting could be for you. So here I come with some quick tips on how to handle investors, impress them by not trying to impress them and win their hearts and the deal for a mutually beneficial long-term business relationship.

Know your Investor

Before meeting the investor, have a thorough knowledge of the investor, their business and the market scenario.

Make sure you communicate with the right person. It is always best to choose the end person, the decision maker to have your interactions with. And the person whom you are meeting is the most important person and wants to be sure that he makes his investment in the right place. And more likely that he expects you to know everything he knows about. So if he is a tech-savvy person or a communication person, it is always better to have adequate knowledge on the fields that he has his expertise with. Read more…

Just remember that every big multinational competitor company that gives you a nightmare the moment you think of its name, you would have read a million times that they all started in small cubicle office spaces. And a strong positive attitude coupled with a mind-blowing business plan is what you need to win the rat race.

Don’t be an Obstacle

Here, I would like to share a small piece of information. If you are one them who think that video games are the worst enemies for children, please read on….

Have you ever wondered why these kids’ games have repeated boring model of overcoming obstacles and finally winning the game? These games are not mere games but designed with strong concept of training young brains to overcome real life obstacles. And this is definitely the need of the hour in this highly competitive world.
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Dual coding theory is a theory of cognition according to which humans process and represent verbal and non-verbal information in separate related system. For example, the word “circle” can prompt one to visualize a circle and also if we see the image of a circle can bring to mind the word “circle.”

Visuals are great and add a ton to helping people retain what they are watching. According to the brain science, all our brains filled up with visuals rather than tight script and strong messages.

In fact studies shows that if you only stimulate the auditory sense people will retain just 10% of what they hear. Stimulating both the auditory and visual sense results with a retention rate of 58%.

Is dual-coding theory helpful for business?

The answer is always “Yes”, since every business is trying to grab their customer’s attention to deliver their brand message.

When most of the targeted audience’s time spent on a website is less than 2 minutes, it is necessary to explain your product or service in short time in an effective way.

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With New Year coming right around the corner, it’s time finding the best way to send a fun-filled greeting for your clients. But, it becomes a greater challenge since holiday seasons turn out to be a competitive period for all business enterprises.

Although there may be various medium, video grows out to be an easier option for startups as well as for developed organization. The reason is videos are more engaging and entertaining than a mere greeting card or typing a bunch of words through e-mail. Your clients may either take a look at it or consider it as a spam; it will not create any impact for your brand.

Special greeting videos mean a lot to the clients, it is like showing gratitude to them. So, don’t miss the chance of re-connecting with them.

This will not only create a long-lasting relationship with clients, but also will enhance your business branding. It’s not new, the custom of sending greetings days back to the ancient Chinese. This time of the year becomes important for all marketers to prepare their marketing campaigns for holidays.

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15 Tricks for Fundraising and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns with a video are more successful in achieving the required funds than with dull projects without any video. Your video doesn’t have to be a Spielberg-directed! Here are 15 tricks to help you create a good crowdfunding video.

# 1 – Invest In An Excellent Quality Audio And Video

Rather than grabbing your iPhone or camcorder, use professional quality video equipment in a well-lit room. Speak loudly and clearly, and if you hear a ‘pop’ sound while playback, record again!

# 2 – Plan Before ‘Action’

Write down the script of the video in a story-telling manner, talking about rewards and giving the viewers a reason to be excited about. The ending note usually includes asking for donations.

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