15 Tricks for Fundraising and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding campaigns with a video are more successful in achieving the required funds than with dull projects without any video. Your video doesn’t have to be a Spielberg-directed! Here are 15 tricks to help you create a good crowdfunding video.

# 1 – Invest In An Excellent Quality Audio And Video

Rather than grabbing your iPhone or camcorder, use professional quality video equipment in a well-lit room. Speak loudly and clearly, and if you hear a ‘pop’ sound while playback, record again!

# 2 – Plan Before ‘Action’

Write down the script of the video in a story-telling manner, talking about rewards and giving the viewers a reason to be excited about. The ending note usually includes asking for donations.

# 3 – A KISS Video

Once you hit 60 to 90 seconds in your video, that’s where you end it. Get your idea across in the first 30 seconds before the viewer reaches for the cross sign.

# 4 – Show A Prototype

Crowdfunding for a physical product? Demonstrate your prototype in the video so that it is easy to understand. If you have a service, dribble some creative drawing for the process.

# 5 – Show The Face Behind The Idea

With the entrepreneur present in the video, you can easily depict the enthusiasm and personality behind the big idea.

# 6 – Throw In Mentions Of A Few Rewards

Excitedly highlight the best rewards being offered in the video to build viewer excitement levels.

# 7 – Update Video Often

As your project continues, add updates to the video in the form of more rewards or mentioning successes to maintain excitement of the launch.

# 8 – Don’t Forget The Mood And Tone Of The Pitch

Choose the best locations for shooting the video for creating the perfect ambiance so that viewers can feel comfortable and at ease. Avoid things that would make the mood cold and uninteresting.

# 9 – Don’t Panhandle

You are not simply asking for funds in you video rather pitching in the idea in such as way to obtain a positive response from the potential funder.

# 10 – Appear As An Expert

Don’t give out the impression that you are new and unaware of the technicalities of your industry. Reassure your viewers that you know exactly the in’s and out’s of what you are doing.

# 11 – Don’t Be Serious

Avoid making boring videos that give out a cold feel. With some creativity you can make people smile and convey the right message.

# 12 – Don’t Forget The Basics

You must be passionate but don’t miss out on letting people know who you are and what brought about the idea rather than only sharing your campaign.

# 13- Don’t Just Say Thank You

A simple Thank You won’t do the trick. If you want your audience to do something, then you better include a call to action.

# 14 – Make It Professional

Share your passion in a professionally made video. If you don’t know how to do it, you better get some who does. (We at Bode Animation create some excellent video campaigns).

# 15 – Share As Much As You Can

Share your crowdfunding video on various social media platforms and entice people to share in their network.

Make your video authentic, professional and believable, and have fun making one!

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Paul is a professional video script writer. He has 10+ years experience in the script writing and other writing areas. His video scripts explain about the critical business concepts in easy manner.
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