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YouTube is the core outlet from where brands can expose themselves to the end consumers, and the better their branding is, the better will be the response rate. It is said that YouTube generates around 800 million views on a monthly basis. It is also said that more than a billion unique viewers go on YouTube on a yearly basis. However, if brands wish to stand out from the crowd and the endless streams of various clips, then they would have to come up with strategies and ways in which they can be discovered easily so that they can attract the attention of the audience. Here are the top 13 ways in which your
YouTube channel can be branded:

1. Adding Overlays

Many people are not aware about adding overlays to videos. While this brilliant resource could not be accessed so easily initially, you can now take advantage of it at anytime. Overlays can be used for sharing information with your users and in promoting your channel and website.

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Discover Top 10 Reasons to Invest on Explainer Videos Instead

The concept of having a video go viral is too enticing to ignore. While it is true that a viral video reaches out to more people; does it result in the same percentage of conversion rate?

The answer is no. Why? Because when it comes to brand recognition, the attention span of the consumer is shrinking day by day. With so much on offer, being visible only is just not enough for a business. You have got to be relatable and user-friendly as well and click with the audience on a personal level.

You can’t just tell them about your strategy, but you actually need to show them how you work.
And that’s where explainer videos come in.

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Cost-benefit Analysis of Video Hosting

“You have created a flawless video; now all you have to do is find an equally perfect video server. But from hundreds of diverse video servers branching into two main categories that are paid video servers and free video servers, which would best suit your need?”

With increasing prevalence of internet in our society, it is only understandable that we use video hosting websites as a portal to infinite entertainment. We have all in various facets of life used a video hosting service. Be it to upload a song which nobody could sing better than us, a tutorial video, or even a birthday celebration, our enthusiasm knew no bounds. Websites, such as YouTube have become a vital part of our lives and existing without such video hosting websites in unheard of in this technology driven era.

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The Science behind the Rise of Explainer Videos

They Say a Picture is worth a Thousand Words. What about a Video?

We humans are hardwired to believe in what we SEE. It is no secret that visual graphics have always had a greater impact on the human mind as compared to reading something. What we see affects us instantly, while what we read takes a little while to sink in.

Perhaps that’s the main reason that explainer videos have become the next big thing in online marketing. From industry bigwigs (Facebook, Drop box) to startup enterprises, everyone has joined the explainer video bandwagon. Drop Box in particular, increased its conversion rate by 10% – by simply incorporating an explainer video on its homepage. This 10% conversion ultimately led to a whopping 10 million customers and an additional 48 million worth of revenue. All this just through the help of a 2-minute explainer video!

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Multiple Video Landing Pages

Here’s Why Multiple Video Landing Pages Will Improve Website Conversion

On average, video landing pages – due to their audiovisual content – generally attracts a five to six times higher engagement rate than traditional text or static image landing pages do. Currently, video landing pages is the next big strategy for increasing the conversion rate of a website; it’s so hot, that many global brands are tapping into the phenomenon with great success.

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