Before the advent of the internet, people used to socialize in the traditional sense i.e. meeting each other face to face to exchange ideas, share their love life issues, gossip about their neighbor’s wife etc. but were only connected to each other locally. They had to write a letter if they wanted to communicate with a loved one living thousands of miles away. With the arrival of the internet, certain aspects of social interaction evolved and became more global, as people started communicating with their friends and loved ones overseas through email and chat applications. This gave rise to social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube where people could share interests, ideas, exchange funny cat photos and videos, and communicate with each other. Nowadays social platforms are also used by companies and individuals to market and promote their products and brand.
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YouTube is the core outlet from where brands can expose themselves to the end consumers, and the better their branding is, the better will be the response rate. It is said that YouTube generates around 800 million views on a monthly basis. It is also said that more than a billion unique viewers go on YouTube on a yearly basis. However, if brands wish to stand out from the crowd and the endless streams of various clips, then they would have to come up with strategies and ways in which they can be discovered easily so that they can attract the attention of the audience. Here are the top 13 ways in which your
YouTube channel can be branded:

1. Adding Overlays

Many people are not aware about adding overlays to videos. While this brilliant resource could not be accessed so easily initially, you can now take advantage of it at anytime. Overlays can be used for sharing information with your users and in promoting your channel and website.

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