Discover Top 10 Reasons to Invest on Explainer Videos Instead

The concept of having a video go viral is too enticing to ignore. While it is true that a viral video reaches out to more people; does it result in the same percentage of conversion rate?

The answer is no. Why? Because when it comes to brand recognition, the attention span of the consumer is shrinking day by day. With so much on offer, being visible only is just not enough for a business. You have got to be relatable and user-friendly as well and click with the audience on a personal level.

You can’t just tell them about your strategy, but you actually need to show them how you work.
And that’s where explainer videos come in.

The momentum with which explainer videos are gaining popularity is infectious. Drop box, Crazy Egg and several other new businesses on the block shot to success and established themselves as household names just through the popularity bandwagon of explainer videos.

While viral videos take up a huge chunk of budget and still don’t bring corresponding results, explainer videos get the job done with a higher success rate and a fraction of a budget.

Want to know the secret behind their success? Here are top 10 reasons that make explainer videos a much more feasible business investment as compared to viral videos. Take a look:

They Make Your Sound Services Simpler

Explaining your services through a video is much more feasible and engaging than writing it on your website. As compared to a viral video that just tells about your service, why not show them how you work through an explainer video?

They are More Brand Focused

Explainer videos present your brand in a more creative, fun and edgy avatar. An instant hit with the crowd!

They Make You More Relatable

Enjoy reliability and feasibility at its best with catchy and informative explainer videos.

They Grab Attention

A video on your website grabs attention and lets you tell your story and explain your services with a more targeted approach.

They Result in Better Conversion Rates

As explainer videos explain your services in a more simpler and easy way, they result in better conversion rates and more traffic for new business.

They are More Budget Friendly

As compared to viral videos that require more animation, graphics and content for greater appeal, explainer videos are more budget friendly and cost effective.

They Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Google and other major search engines offer better rankings to user-friendly websites with videos. This way, you don’t just get traffic but also maximum exposure on the web!

They Offer an Increased Return on Investment

As explainer videos result in more traffic, conversion, user conversion, and sales, they offer a much greater ROI and tend to be an investment rather than an expense.

You Have More Room for Creativity

With an explainer video, you have the freedom to express your ideas and channel your creativity in something other than just plain text. Make marketing your strong point and let the world know about your services and business perspective through creative imagery, fun graphics and interactive appeal.

They Can Go Viral Too!

With an explainer video, you have the twin advantage of explaining your services to the masses and making it so fun that it goes viral as well! Sharing your website’s explainer video on social forums like
YouTube and Facebook is a great idea to enjoy more leads and make a bang on the conversion rates as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get a unique explainer video for your business and go viral with a difference!

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