With New Year coming right around the corner, it’s time finding the best way to send a fun-filled greeting for your clients. But, it becomes a greater challenge since holiday seasons turn out to be a competitive period for all business enterprises.

Although there may be various medium, video grows out to be an easier option for startups as well as for developed organization. The reason is videos are more engaging and entertaining than a mere greeting card or typing a bunch of words through e-mail. Your clients may either take a look at it or consider it as a spam; it will not create any impact for your brand.

Special greeting videos mean a lot to the clients, it is like showing gratitude to them. So, don’t miss the chance of re-connecting with them.

This will not only create a long-lasting relationship with clients, but also will enhance your business branding. It’s not new, the custom of sending greetings days back to the ancient Chinese. This time of the year becomes important for all marketers to prepare their marketing campaigns for holidays.

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10 mistakes to avoin in e commerce

Gone are the days when we used to walk miles to shop or buy any product. Electronic commerce, also known as, E-commerce has made it easier for customers. Just in a click away, the website lists out the entire historical background of the product. Right from customers’ purchasing detail to their secured accounts, the website ensures privacy for customers.

Such is the impact of E-commerce. It is the only major industry, where competition is larger in number. There about more than 100 e-commerce websites functioning in India. They are either Business-Business, Business- Customer, Customer-Customer or Business- Government. For instance, eBay is one the customer-customer e-commerce websites, where transactions happen between individuals or consumers. Similarly, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra are all major e-commerce websites in India. Although, it is easy to launch an e-commerce website, most of the owners struggle to reach the marketing point. Henceforth, many marketing experts switch on to Video commerce.

Video commerce, also dubbed as, e-Commerce Video is used to promote products or services through video content on Internet. This platform has witnessed increasing growth in recent times. It is the major turn-out for all those entrepreneurs who devote their time and money on owning an e-commerce website. The major reason why videos have become a source for marketing is simply because audiences prefer watching. A video is more likely to engross in one’s mind than any other content.

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