Today video is the most effective way to tell the story and is the preferred social medium by the marketing professionals. Within very short duration videos have become main key elements in content marketing.

You may said or heard the words, “we are definitely going to use more video marketing in this new year”. So there is no doubt that 2014 is the year of video content marketing.

Videos have been popular since the birth of YouTube and many Social Medias. In 2013, nearly everyone said “The next big thing in content marketing is video”.

Why video content marketing becoming big:

No doubt, content is certainly King! Effective content secures your loyal customers and that allows you to touch new heights of success in business. Marketers started spending nearly ⅓ of their budget on content marketing.

We can see video content is becoming more responsive than other types. Because, videos are generally faster and easier to digest than text-heavy content.

Day by day increased influence between customers and buyers by video, turns marketers to get more feedback about their content.

  • Infographics says, 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual. Videos are very popular with followers because most people connect more strongly to visuals than copy.
  • People will contact YouTube for search, even if you are not visible in the first page of search results. Since it’s the second most popular search engine in the world .
  • Multimedia content appears on first page of the Google search results.
  • Video virality accumulates millions of views and generates advertising with no extra cost to your business.

  • Video content has an opportunity to go viral and reaches prospective customers, who are exactly searching for your service.
  • Online video reduces investing in expensive Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Additionally, mobile access made easy to watch videos anytime and anywhere .
    • Some Statistics:

      By 2017, online sales are expected to grow to $370 billion dollars. So it is more important that your online content presence in websites to meet your conversion goals.

      • Forbes point of view: 2013 was a big year for the development of content marketing because of advanced technology, continued shifts in consumer behavior and major changes to Google’s algorithm.
      • As per Reel SEO Video Marketing Survey, 93% of marketing professionals used video as part of their strategy in 2013, 71% increased their video spend from 2012 levels.
      • According to eMarketer 2010 study, In 2008 total number of U.S. online video viewers was only 59.7% and it will turn into 77.0% by 2014. By 2016, the number is expected to jump into 89%.
      • In case of B2C online marketers , video is the fourth most popular content marketing tactic, which is just behind social media, article’s and e-newsletters. Whereas in case of B2B , it has taken sixth most popular place.
      • ROI Research reports user interactivity with video content is twice the rate of other form of content.

      Online Video Growth in Future:

      It’s unsurprising . . . the marketing leader YouTube is getting more than 1 billion unique visitors and 4 billion hours of video watched every month .

      Past year, Nielsen reported that over 27 million pieces of content were being shared each day . Online marketing costs over 60% less than traditional advertising and marketing and also generates 3 times more leads.

      Content Marketing Institute states the following on video content popularity,

      • Online video has increased eightfold in five years.
      • Video on demand will be triple by 2016.
      • In 2016, it will take 6 million years to watch all the online video uploaded in one month.
      • Mobile video traffic will get increase by eighteen times than now, in 2016.

      Therefore in this 2014 we can see the continual investment on online video contents.

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