So what’s your marketing plan to reach your prospective customers? Getting the paparazzi attention for your product is a very challenging task in this highly competitive world of infinite brands.

And the problem is you have a strong feeling that no one knows your product better than you and no one can explain your product better than you; and even YOU, as a product owner may not find easy to carry the right essence of your product to your audience all the time.

That’s where the power of the product video comes in handy with you. Video represents your brand messages uniformly, whoever might be carrying your marketing messages across. A well planned corporate video conveys the messages you want to, across various media.

And if you have not started using video as a part of your marketing strategy, then there is no better time to start than right NOW!

Top reasons why you must use video in your product marketing.

Videos are Infotaining

Videos help keep your audience engaged with your product; especially with the added humour. With videos you can seamlessly showcase the best features of your product while entertaining your viewers. These videos are not only perfect in keeping your product interesting, it also shares the information that the people look forward to have.

Increases your audience & lets them advertise for you

Word of mouth marketing is proved to be one of very effective marketing techniques. And an interesting video is easier for your audiences to share and discuss it over with their peers or relatives and increase their curiosity and interest levels! Moreover people are more likely to share an interesting video rather than an article. Popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to share interesting links, and having your product video on such platforms unimaginably increases your brand recognition.

Video testimonials are so effective

You must have seen that the recent advertisement concepts are developed in the genre of testimonials from real consumers of the product or a service.

Here’s why testimonials are more effective:

Testimonials build Trust:

Having testimonials given by people with real experiences of your brand connects with your audiences on a personal level and increases their trust for your brand.

Testimonials are not salesy:

They always sounds true and having your message conveyed in a very ordinary tone is yet another technique to attract audiences in a natural way just like how subtle acting is more realistic and appreciated in a film.

Videos are a one click away from the “Buy” button

With Product explainer video/product demo video you can visually show consumers how your product works, thereby educating about your product, which gives the confidence in your product even before buying it. Reel SEO stated that 34% of apparel shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing an online video Ad, and 16% immediately once after watching an ad on TV.

Videos are measurable

Analytics always gives you a detailed report on where your marketing plans have reaped the desired results for you to determine the reach of the videos.

Create videos that are innovative in providing the solution to your prospective consumers. Create the need or explain the problem and provide a solution. But always show to people how different are YOU from the rest of the solution providers in the market? Because, this is where creating an innovative video captures the attention of the audience. And that is what is the challenge, you need to overcome.

If you are asked to explain the importance of Product Video in Just one word, What would be that? Please add your comments below.

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