How so? We hear you ask.

Well, before answering . . .

Let us consider,

“10 marketing people gathered to hear your company’s next Quarter marketing plan, which then you will ask them to call your customers and explain.

Do you think all the 10 sales people will reproduce the matter fully?”

We can pretty much guarantee that out of 10 sales people, 5 of them listen fully and only 3 can reproduce or deliver to the customers.

In general, people won’t buy a product or use a service without learning the basics of what it does. Also they don’t want to read the website with a long winded sales copy, people want their information alone, and they want immediately.

Majority of the business have no idea that their website must be their personal sales man, and they simply think website as a business card for their business.

An explainer video can be the simple solution for the above problem! which explains how stuff works, so that the people can make a product purchase decision.

Explainers Vs Explainer videos:

An Explainer is a person or an organization that specializes in making complex ideas to understand easily.

The Explainer networks are the group of companies that started using short animated videos to explain the products, services, and ideas for people.

Explainer video makes the people to understand a concept by breaking down the complex idea and educates in a short form.

If a person lands on your website video is the biggest seller right now online . . . that’s because video grabs your attention, gets you listening, and you don’t have to make effort to comprehend.
– Alex Becker (From Search Engine Journal)

Here are the points why explainer videos are equal to the salespersons and how they are performing better than them,

Appears in Time: Explainer videos never be late to an appointment (Where the salesperson may be), works in the basis of 24/7. Because it does not need to drive company car, or pay its gas or petrol or even be liable for its actions.

Appeals to the Customer: When appealing to the customers explainer video does not invade their time, space, or privacy. It also has the principles of consumer and colour psychology applied that has relevant colors, music, voice-over narration, story, characters, shapes, objects, and fonts.

Presents you and your Business: Even though if your salesperson forget to explain important points of your business, an explainer video explains without absence. (Also never adds unrealistic promises)

Personality Matters: Sometimes your salesperson may not be, but it has fun and motivational personality that does not get affected by everyday challenges.

Not only helps for Business, sales team too: Your sales team can have a clear and uniform understanding on products or services (which they going to sell), if they having an explainer video of it.

In addition, sales team can have the explainer video as a part of their presentations to the clients and conferences. Also they can have an option of saving their time and energy to repeating themselves.

Invest once and Use for years: Never like your sales guys, one explainer video presentation contains all your marketing skills and energy crafted into the perfect sales pitch in which you invest only once and you are able to use it for years to come.

Anywhere and Anytime: Explainer videos are at anytime and anywhere watchable as the customers like, might be in the office, on the go or even in their bedroom. (Where your sales representatives can’t be all time)

Makes business unforgettable: Explainer video leaves an impressionable, memorable impact on your viewers. This in turn, customers could wish to engage in a discussion on it. (Which leads to spread more brand awareness)


Instead of sending 100’s of salespeople to your clients, a short sharp explainer video displaying your unique selling point will increase the conversions, generating leads and sales for your return on investment.

Author image Author :
Bhuvana is a part of business development team of Bode Animation. She is an aspiring writer with fresh writing skill sets and an expert in strategic marketing.
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