Introduction about new things through video is always attractive and gain attention of the viewers. It brings an opportunity to the marketers for bringing their message and engages directly with the emotional level of the audiences. Internet/online-video audiences have increased about 400% within last few years and in video marketing too.

Why the cartoon movies become all time favorite of everyone? On the other hand, just think about any video, which you saw last time. What is coming in your mind? The colors, the music, characters, dialogues, or something else? Video plays a vital role in the viewer’s random memory, the animation videos catch up the mind and memory of the viewer at a time. An animation explainer video is only about 60 – 90 seconds business of storytelling. In addition, each second are key points to give value to your business. Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye upon each slots of your startup video.

Winning the audience attention

We all know about the age of one way marketing is very long process and currently it is almost out dated. Now that’s all about entertaining and engaging the customers for educating about the product by directly following up with the contents and feedbacks. Yes; it has called relationship marketing, through this, we will get loyal customers rather than visiting customers.

In a 60 second, video adding features that is hacking the viewers brain is all about making first impression about your company.

The four important time slots of a demo video

From the primary second onwards, each feature should be doing carefully for animation explainer video. It has divided into four different sections, like first 10 seconds (Curious Moments), next 20 seconds (Entertain and make acquaintance), second 20 seconds (Make your picture strong), and last 10 seconds (Time for power play). Within this time, we have to pass the message to the viewer in an attractive and entertaining manner and it should include the things like; that you are, why you are here, what the benefit is, and how to contact you.

Curious moments: – The first 10 seconds

Start with the pain of your viewers / customers are having in their day-to-day life by addressing them by a ‘hi’ from your side. In short, your video should be touching the heart of your viewer and in addition, try to add some interesting / surprising matter about your product or service in the next slot for stick your audience with your explainer video. It is like understanding our problem by a friend; here we are making virtual relationship with our customers.

Entertain and make acquaintance: – next 20 seconds

You have started with your explainer video with your customer’s problem and gained their curiosity and concern. Now what’s next? It is the time to tell about the solution for that problem, present your product as the solution, tell the customer’s benefits (Product USP) from your product instead of the product features. At the same time, be cautious about your description because if we are continuously telling about our product features it may get a negative effect and badly affect on your image too. It is all about building trust within the customer base to gain loyalty towards to your product / service.

Make your picture strong:- 2nd slot of 20 seconds

Before losing the curiosity that got from the first half use the second 20 seconds for educate your viewer about your product. It is called as ‘how it works’, tell what the use is and what the benefit is, what you give and what they gain out of your product/service, make it emotional for making your picture to be strong in the viewer’s brain. Emotional appealing with your video will call back your viewer to your explainer video and it may convert the viewer as your loyal / regular customer.

Time for power play:- last 10 seconds

Within these 50 seconds, we have created some sense in the viewers mind and now your viewer should know what to do next? It is the time for call to action; tell the viewer that how they can contact you, give your contact details like primary email ID and Phone number, website link etc. Also, tell what you are offering to them if they are just connecting with you; also tell them where they can find more about you.

You have completed of making a brain hacking explainer video now. Use the best video marketing techniques for getting the maximum benefit out of it.

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