Who doesn’t like to watch videos?

Most of the people learn the best when they are engaged! Indeed, research has shown visually demonstrating a new skill or behavior can be an important component in learning.

Learning theories something boring? Bring the video!

We’ve all heard this mantra, “Show it, don’t tell.”

Off all types, video technology has been proven to be a very powerful tool in motivating, engaging and instructing within the educational concept.

Videos are a mixed blessing?

The ability of visual stimuli to communicate is indisputable. It has been proved that data perceived by several organs simultaneously is processed and memorized by our mind much better, faster and easier.

Watching videos; you can just sit back, relax and absorb the information you need with your visual and auditory receptors.

Videos put learners in a temporary passive role?

Its true partially, there will be a lack in interactivity. However, videos can provoke discussions, invite learners to analyze and think, be watched repeatedly as many times as needed, contain smaller chunks of information which are easier to absorb, emotionally engage people, include websites, pictures, maps, captions and so many more.

Are Explainer videos really worth the investment?

Explainer Video has the advantages of transformability and transferability and has widened the horizons of teaching and learning. It is also partly because of the huge success of YouTube, people get excited about the potential of video for training and education.

    • Rapid deployment of content.
    • Video lets learners extend the reach of experts. Saves their time and cost of travel.
    • Video clips facilitate familiarity to improve collaboration.
    • Video lets users train at their own paces. Ability to demonstrate is far more effective than written instructions. Trainees can view recordings later.
    • Video helps new learners get into the fold faster.

But, too lengthy videos tire learners and make them more passive, they are also proven be an obstacle in the educational segment.

Introducing Explainer Videos:

Explainer Videos are short and contains relatively small amount of information (1-2 mins in length), they are much more educative and useful. Most of them are even funny.

Because in general, the longer the video, the less likely your user will watch it to completion. Most experts recommend to keep the video clips shorter as possible. (That is the reason why movie trailers tend to be kept short)

And long content cannot be edited down where making a short introductory explainer video would be helpful to capture learners’ attention.

And one last thing,

Make sure to have Quality Video: Think about it: Have you ever tried to watch a YouTube video with a bad internet connection? You may have had three options: 1) Let it buffer and 2) stop and start the whole time or wait until it loads (which generally takes forever). The third option is to just not watch the video at all. So the point is that bad video is more distracting than productive.

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