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The Future of content marketing-videos

According to a study conducted by Cisco, by the year 2017, videos are set to account for at least 69% of the overall internet ‘traffic’. Video on demand on its own would increase at least three times. This is a clear indicator that the future of content market is videos – more so because there do not seem to be any ‘contraindications’ to suggest that the growth will not continue unabated. Given these statistics and ‘signs’, online videos are quickly becoming an integral part of the content marketing strategy for companies to satiate the needs for information and entertainment of their customers and other viewers. Businesses that fail to include videos in their online content marketing strategy would be doing so at their risk and could find themselves struggling to succeed and maybe survive. Studies and stats show that at least 64% of marketing persons expect to use videos as part of their content marketing strategy in the not so distant future. As you read on, you will understand why.

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With the surge in technology, it has become apparent that having an online presence is important to success. This is obviously true then, for businesses – which is why e-commerce has now become huge. However, the two disadvantages that customer’s face with online buying is the absence of the human touch and the inability to ‘touch and feel’ the products before buying. For a large number of customers, this is very important, and even though it may not be possible for customers to ‘interact’ with the offerings before buying, companies can use social video marketing, which would be immersive and interactive, leading to a boost in e-commerce sales.
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Until some time back, virtual reality meant gaming. However, with the changes and advancement in technology, there are now a number of uses been realized. As a result, virtual reality has found application across industries, enabling companies to improve their training abilities, discover new ways to introduce their products, services, and or concepts to a large audience, and several other such uses. Let us take you through some of the industries that are using virtual reality, incorporating it into their everyday operations, and benefiting from its applications.
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Instagram _ The New Way to Video Market

The first thing that pops into the mind when one speaks about Instagram is photos – a sea of photographs on a variety of subjects and a large number of people. This platform began by promoting the power of images to convey thoughts and share messages. However, soon enough realization about the greater power of using it for video marketing struck, and Instagram launched video uploading capability. The great part was that adding videos did not disrupt the aesthetics or essence of this platform.

The Instagram way of video marketing:

We know that viewer attention span is rather short, and while videos on Instagram may have created even more opportunities for marketing through the social media route, the fact is the ideas must be conveyed swiftly and as creatively as possible. Every second of these videos must create an impact – since people usually stay on for about a minute or less. It makes sense then, to master the art of creating high impact videos that will convey your message instantly. Using video marketing to promote your business through Instagram requires a set of strategies.
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