10 Effective Tips to promote a self published book

Potential readers must be engaged with different promotional strategies, so that they get excited about the new book that is about to be self-published by the author. A few simple techniques mentioned below, when used wisely and consistently, can transform a book into a most-desired bestseller.

1. Make Smart Video Pitches:

  • Multiple video pitches ranging from 5-second teaser to a 90-second brief introduction about the book must be created. This could be formal or informally intriguing to kindle interest in audiences.
  • The contents of the videos must be well planned and be pertinent to the book, which could be about research and writing experiences of authors, the reasons for taking up such a subject, etc, which would appeal to the audiences instantly.
  • Videos with longer running time come in larger file size and they take longer time to buffer and play in slower internet connections. Keeping the user’s comfort in mind, the duration and buffer time must be optimized. Moreover, shorter videos are known to make the best impact instantaneously. An ideal video pitch must function like a mini-skirt – short enough to kindle interest in minds of audiences and long enough to cover the intended subject matter.

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New to Video SEO

Forrester Research reveals that videos are 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive a ranking on the first page of search results.

Optimize your video SEO with these fifteen great tips.

Tip #1 – Value Driven Videos with self Hosted

The content of your video is clearly the backbone of its success.Optimize video SEO by including relevant, informative, engaging and memorable content that portrays your brand. But do this all values goes to your website or your youtube video channel. Self hosting is the first and foremost step in getting video seo benefits.

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16 Tips to Get YouTube Subscribers Exponentially

Creating great videos and posting them to YouTube does not guarantee viewers. You need to get your videos ranked higher in the search results for viewers to find them. The best way to do that is to get more views, which is the main concern here. Increasing the number of subscribers you have can enhance your videos’ views on YouTube. Here are 16 tips to get YouTube subscribers exponentially.

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