It is no surprise that many presentations go unrecognized or unworthy mainly because they are not being presented properly. Around the world, there are about thousands of people trying to give a proper presentation, some are great and have a powerful impact on the audiences. But, in today’s creative growing world, it is unimaginable to think about a boring presentation. Now, if you are still wondering what could be the best way to present a great idea, the answer is- “an explainer video.”

An explainer video does not merely explain ideas; they make sure to bring focus and attention and make an idea easy to understand by presenting it in a productive as well as in a creative form of video. Most of the online surfers prefer quick information, instead of scrolling down detailed pages. Even online marketers and executives don’t choose to skim through slide shows and presentations, but if given an option to choose among a slide show presentation or video presentation, they would gingerly agree to watch a video presentation. Such is the case with today’s generation; visuals fill more appeal than long generated content.

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Video is becoming increasingly important on the web and Google rewards video with higher rankings in search engines. Current online video statistics says that video promotion is 6 times more effective than print and direct mail.

Therefore, you also created a video on your site, but your video content is not getting expected traffic and you feel like Google is ignoring your video content?

Over 90% of internet traffic because of video content only. Then how do you get yours to rise in traffic? Here, there is a necessity arises to ensure your video content is properly indexed by the search engines or not and can your users able to discover it or not.

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The eon of e-marketing have a thirst for having an intro video and a video marketing channel, especially you tube channel for businesses. For startup entrepreneurs it is very important to have a YouTube channel for their video marketing purpose because in this year statistics about YouTube video hunts have shown that in 2013 around 3.5 billion people have searched for videos in YouTube alone. This article is for the entrepreneurs who have an explainer video and going to set up a YouTube channel for their video marketing.

There are many basic gears to take care while creating a YouTube channel; people may miss it out because of their time limitation and innocence about the things. This article is for helping those people, it is a piece of reference for the ones who have a YouTube channel, and here you go.

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Have you ever gone through the process of purchasing a video or editing your video? Undoubtedly you may face the question of “which video format should I choose?” A simple question that is sometimes not so simple to answer.

Confusion over explainer video file formats is probably the biggest hang-up for people wanting to upload video to the web. In order to make the right decision for choosing, just have the below little bit knowledge about file formats.

Codecs and Containers:

Most of the video will come across compressed, meaning it’s been altered to take up less space in your computer. A codec compresses and decompresses data. It interrupts the video file and determines the video size, speed, quality and how to play it on your screen.

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Cost-benefit Analysis of Video Hosting

“You have created a flawless video; now all you have to do is find an equally perfect video server. But from hundreds of diverse video servers branching into two main categories that are paid video servers and free video servers, which would best suit your need?”

With increasing prevalence of internet in our society, it is only understandable that we use video hosting websites as a portal to infinite entertainment. We have all in various facets of life used a video hosting service. Be it to upload a song which nobody could sing better than us, a tutorial video, or even a birthday celebration, our enthusiasm knew no bounds. Websites, such as YouTube have become a vital part of our lives and existing without such video hosting websites in unheard of in this technology driven era.

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