It is no surprise that many presentations go unrecognized or unworthy mainly because they are not being presented properly. Around the world, there are about thousands of people trying to give a proper presentation, some are great and have a powerful impact on the audiences. But, in today’s creative growing world, it is unimaginable to think about a boring presentation. Now, if you are still wondering what could be the best way to present a great idea, the answer is- “an explainer video.”

An explainer video does not merely explain ideas; they make sure to bring focus and attention and make an idea easy to understand by presenting it in a productive as well as in a creative form of video. Most of the online surfers prefer quick information, instead of scrolling down detailed pages. Even online marketers and executives don’t choose to skim through slide shows and presentations, but if given an option to choose among a slide show presentation or video presentation, they would gingerly agree to watch a video presentation. Such is the case with today’s generation; visuals fill more appeal than long generated content.

Long gone are the days when bullet points and statistics tend to adorning slides. This introducing of new, trendy explainer video features a wide range of benefits.

Explainer Video: Why an Art?

Any art form includes visualization and creation of images; similarly, any explainer video needs an expert artist to explain the information artistically. A simple collection of images piled up together does not make an explainer video. It needs lot of hard-work right from storyboarding to screen planning. For instance, many explainer videos generate millions of customers; this shows how effective video can reach audience easily. But, a bad explainer video will not only lead to distraction, but also is more likely to send your customers away from your website.

Objectives: A clear view

Blocks of texts and few uninterrupted jargon of words can get the audience clueless. Also, the statements may seem to convey right meaning for the presenter, but the audience may interpret in a different meaning. Too many words often confuse the audience. But, the same does not apply with explainer video. Fine words are scripted by picking up the goals, objectives and features of the product.

Compelling Story

An explainer video focuses on the end results of the video. It demonstrates the need for the product and why the customers are willing to buy the product. Many startup companies struggle to make an explainer video. They either don’t get experts or they have a vague idea on how to compete with their competitors. If your video has a better story when compared to your competitors, then sales of your product will turn out to be good.

Sell the Solution

Find out the features of your product. Your product should be a solution for their problem. Many companies end up finding the problems initially. With the help of explainer video, you can point out customers’ issues and then go ahead to explain what and how your product can rectify and solve their issues.


Entertainment is one of the main tricks that grab the attention of audience. An explainer video does that well. If you have a well written script, colorful visualization, animated characters and fast moving slides that convey the apt message, then it absolutely speaks out loud.

Video in time saves deadline

Honestly, audiences don’t prefer waiting to listen to a lengthy presentation. If the presenter ends up an hour of time to present an idea, the audience will more likely tend to lose patience and interest, and what if the presenter’s idea does not reach the audience? A vain attempt; whereas a 60 second video can convey an idea in a short period for the audience to understand. The idea may be simple, but definitely with a powerful presentation.

Going Viral

“Gangnam style”, “Kolaveri di” are the major examples of a viral video. The idea of a video going viral was initially started off with Youtube. Study reveals that about 90% of internet users watch online videos. These videos can be shared anywhere from the website or from a Youtube channel. More number of shares ranks higher count of viewers.

Increase in Conversion Rate:

Conversion rate increase when there are enough visitors to your website. They either buy your product or engage in other services provided by your website. Since a lot of people prefer watching an explainer video on your website, they would be interested to buy your product. As the rate of customers evolve, the conversion rate increases.

Be on Google’s first page

If you have an explainer video on your website, cheer up! Your website will more likely be on the first page of Google. The study reveals that websites with videos are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page. This will result in increase in the number of people watching the video.

Virtual Connection

Customers don’t trust a product easily, especially with an online business. But, once you have won the trust of the customer, they are surely to have “virtual connection” with your company. They will start buying more products from your company and hence, increase in sales.

The advantages of explainer video are limitless, that everything can be conveyed only through an explainer video.

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