Online video content marketing
Writing good content is important but marketing the same to create positive organic traffic is the key in the Online Space. Today’s web surfers have become increasingly lazier and yet demanding.

When was the last time you actually read a book or a journal or a report, other than just the key points to gather enough information about the gist? If you take more than 5 seconds to answer this question, trust me that you are no different from the millions of people around you.

It is no secret that internet penetration has increased manifold. Almost every individual is aware and is using internet for varied uses. In this scenario, marketing through the online medium becomes prudent and cost effective. Gone are the days of spending oodles in the print and other offline media where reach is a big concern! With the advent of internet, reaching millions of end-users just at the click of a button becomes super easy.

With the constant evolution of internet and its usage, there will be unique and newer methods of appealing to a larger audience. Thus, with the growing popularity of videos, video marketing for the purpose of branding and online presence has grown phenomenally in the last couple of years. Year 2015 has played a pivotal role in the space for digital marketing with videos ruling it.

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Social videos have seen a meteoric rise and have affected business ROI positively when used judiciously. Companies are now seeing the merits of all kinds of content – long and short-form, videos – to capture a market share and attract a large audience base.

Facebook has grown in power in the video marketing strategy realm, which in turn has helped increase its market share. It has moved from being a purely personal social site to being taken a trifle more seriously by creators of videos – Facebook’s auto-play feature has contributed to the number of video views. It has the infrastructure in place to support even long-form content. Companies are beginning to understand the opportunities available to them when launching video strategies, thus enabling them to take complete advantage of this new rage.
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While video ads are not a new thing, there are many social channels and platforms such as YouTube, Bing, and Facebook that provide video hosting options. The video marketing trends in 2016 however will be a lot different since Google is finally set to get into in-SERP video advertising. This is really a sign that more and more users have become more accepting of online video ads. With the continuation of these trends, users can expect to witness more and more of these video adds pop up on platforms, even in the most unexpected places. And since Google now owns YouTube, there are indeed a lot of possibilities. Read more…


As a business owner, you would have invested tons of hard-earned money in marketing your online videos, but have you ever assessed its ROI performance? If not, then it is high time that you do with video analytics, and keep your business on track.

What is video analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that helps you to monitor your online video’s performance with the latest metrics & reports. The information gathered through your video’s statistical reports like views, traffic source, demographics, etc., helps to evaluate, tweak and enhance its ROI performance.

What you can achieve?

  • Helps to obtain real-time analytics.
  • Effectively optimize your content and capture leads.
  • Minimize your production cost,
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Video is becoming increasingly important on the web and Google rewards video with higher rankings in search engines. Current online video statistics says that video promotion is 6 times more effective than print and direct mail.

Therefore, you also created a video on your site, but your video content is not getting expected traffic and you feel like Google is ignoring your video content?

Over 90% of internet traffic because of video content only. Then how do you get yours to rise in traffic? Here, there is a necessity arises to ensure your video content is properly indexed by the search engines or not and can your users able to discover it or not.

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