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Here’s Why Multiple Video Landing Pages Will Improve Website Conversion

On average, video landing pages – due to their audiovisual content – generally attracts a five to six times higher engagement rate than traditional text or static image landing pages do. Currently, video landing pages is the next big strategy for increasing the conversion rate of a website; it’s so hot, that many global brands are tapping into the phenomenon with great success.

Let’s see why

First, video landing pages are more than 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google’s search results than text or static image landing pages. That’s a huge leap, which can easily translate to new visitors, and ideally, new customers.

In addition to the direct correlation between website traffic and conversion rate, there’s another reason why video landing pages can be beneficial. Video landing pages can have a huge impact on Google’s ranking of your site’s quality score, which can reduce its cost-per-click.

The benefit of an effective landing page is that the content of the page is focused. It should be tailored to a single topic, which will give you a 100%, 1:1 content relevancy mapping. Because a website’s homepage is typically diluted with multiple topics, messages and / or products, it’s usually hit and miss that visitors will find exactly what they’re looking for when they visit your site for the first time. Most homepages have several links, and those links end up diffusing focus. With landing pages, your visitors are more likely to specifically find what they’re looking for the first time around without having to bounce off to another page to continue their searches.

In simple terms, when a homepage dilutes your traffic, it subsequently diminishes the quality score potential of your landing pages. By reducing the bounce rate, you’re improving the conversion rate. Exactly how effective can multiple landing pages be in the real world? According to recent reports, a five page increase in landing pages can result in a 55% increase in lead traffic.

An effective, single video landing page is engaging, and it’s designed with one thing in mind: to persuade your visitors to become customers. So, imagine the power and potential of multiple video landing pages, each with a specific focus and customized to a particular type of visitor. With multiple video landing pages, you’re getting targeted, focused traffic with a 1:1 content relevancy mapping across multiple topics.

Each of your video landing pages is an opportunity to expand an idea into a persuasive story; taking as a whole, you’ll be able to lead your visitors through various chapters, and ad campaigns, all designed to persuade them to become paying customers.

Finally, multiple landing pages, especially short and concise video landing pages, are a fantastic way to track and analyze your traffic, giving you necessary data that will help enable you to experiment and test various messages, layouts, etc. to see what converts best.

Here are just four major companies that are reaping huge benefits from multiple video landing pages:


It’s really no surprise that Google has such a stronghold on the marketplace. The company continues to make headlines by creating extremely engaging video landing pages promoting its many product offerings. Though designed to be simple and clean, Google’s demos manage to be eye-catching, informative and fun all at the same time. Need convincing? Just check out Google Glasses, for Google in action.


Hubspot hits the sweet spot with multiple video landing pages that simultaneously relay key information and humanizes the company to its potential customers. With almost 510,000 Facebook likes, Hubspot is obviously doing something right.


This email service provider’s website boasts several video landing pages and tutorials, which all have one thing in common: MailChimp’s retro, cool branding. This branding cohesiveness helps website conversion, and 60,000+ Facebook likes certainly doesn’t hurt.

Postwire / VisibleGains:

According to a recent study, 21% of potential customers that view video end up making a purchase. Postwire (VisibleGains) has perfected the equation, reporting a conversion rate of more than 51% for at least one of their video landing pages.

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