A bad video is worse than having a video at all.

The problem is that many corporate are creating their explainer videos in-house to save money, which in turn could knock off your website’s value if not conceptualized and executed well.

Here is a list of avoidable goof ups in making your explainer video.

1. Focusing on animation than message

There is a possible temptation to lose focus on the message while in the process of creating your explainer video. After All you can create wonders with your animation that is not possible with live videos but remember, you are here to create wonders for your business more than an amazing video animation. So your explainer video script should be simple and help people quickly understand your message and motivate them for the desired call for action.


2. Concentrating too much on visuals

Of course you have relatively short period of time to impress your viewers and hold their attention. At the same time your fancy visuals can be distracting. Don’t think visuals are everything and its not much suggested unless and until one is watching your video – muted.

3. Making video overdramatic and using emotions inappropriately

Keep your script natural and conversational. Taking more time to define your audience leads you to reach the real value out of your video. Then make your explainer video exciting and truly engaging by explaining customer benefits. More than going on and on about the features of your product / service, tell them how they can be benefited out of it.

4. Being sarcastic and not humorous

Everyone likes to add humor in their video, but humor should help connect with the audience and make them more receptive to your message. And always be careful when using humor, because things that are funny to you need not be funny to the viewer. It’s possible that it could turn out to be offensive to others.

5. Irrelevant Voice-over and Background Music

Nothing is worse than having a bad voice over. Most important difference between the normal ads and explainer video is background sound. Absolutely the sound should not be monotonous then it becomes literally be irritating.

6. Not having enough Graphics and improper Transition

If your video has very minimal animation, then it fails to generate interest for the viewers. Just need to have a good mix of the required graphics and transitions. Think about what’s on your mind when you’re watching an explainer or product video. You need to get the message across right into their heads and that’s where your focus needs to be.

7. Expecting a Viral hit without a strong concept

Creating a truly viral hit is incredibly challenging. For every viral hit there are about 10,000 viral failures! You believe that? The success of your video entirely depends upon the concept, video quality, marketing, distribution and little bit luck.

In addition to the above few points that I have penned down, do you have any more to add to this list? Please share your comments here.

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Bhuvana is a part of business development team of Bode Animation. She is an aspiring writer with fresh writing skill sets and an expert in strategic marketing.
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