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Explainer Videos Everywhere

Videos! Videos ! Videos ! And Explainer Videos are on top. Explainer videos have acquired an explosive growth over the past few years. With the advent of the internet and social networking, businesses have employed videos as the major source of their promotional campaigns. And Explainer videos have boomed in popularity due to their proven effectiveness in growing a business. Yes. Explainer Videos have become the lifeblood of any business and especially the startups adapt to it due to its affordability.

Thus, explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool for increasing the conversion rates and a visual medium capable of boosting the business sales.

The script is the KING!

The video is the heart of many businesses. And the script is the heart of any video. It’s crucial because it’s the engine that drives the program.
The script is the king and the backbone of a top-notch video.
A well-written script weaved with the right engagement factors can make the video go viral and has the potential to flourish a business.

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A bad video is worse than having a video at all.

The problem is that many corporate are creating their explainer videos in-house to save money, which in turn could knock off your website’s value if not conceptualized and executed well.

Here is a list of avoidable goof ups in making your explainer video.

1. Focusing on animation than message

There is a possible temptation to lose focus on the message while in the process of creating your explainer video. After All you can create wonders with your animation that is not possible with live videos but remember, you are here to create wonders for your business more than an amazing video animation. So your explainer video script should be simple and help people quickly understand your message and motivate them for the desired call for action.

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Have you thought about what you going to do next for market your brand? How are you going to get a jump on the competition? You may notice the videos out there – that the one which attracts all our attention, Creates fun and easily make your customers feel wow and help your customers understand your business.

Yes, we’re talking about the “Animated Explainer videos”.

Sometimes words are not just enough to explain the whole business model. A 60-90 seconds explainer video explains your business quickly and clearly.

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Tricks to Add Humor to Your Explainer Video Script

People avoid online explainer videos which they find boring. Adding humor to your explainer video script can reduce the boredom quotient and compel the viewers to watch the entire video. Here are 10 tricks you can use to include humor in your explainer video script writing.

1. Spread it Out

Start your explainer video script with a funny anecdote but you should move on to your main message right away. Don’t place too much emphasis on the humor or you will come across as a comedian and no one will take you seriously. Leave some humor for the rest of the video.

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