Hope my recent posts on script writing, voiceover were useful to you. This post is also part of the series to conceive and produce an awesome explainer video.

Think that the end product of your video has not shaped up the way you have visualized it to be? A proper plan can go a long way in achieving the desired results. Just a few rough pencil sketches can save your effort rather than ending up in a whole lot of rework. Iterate these rough sketches, freeze them and then build the actual images.
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A couple of days back one of my friends visited me just to express his agony on how his explainer video ended up as a disaster. The production house had charged him an arm and leg for the video. Skip it! That’s a different story. We explored the video to understand what had went wrong. The script, storyline, story boarding, colour selection, character style, animation,…. Frankly speaking, everything was in place. We later realized that the video had fallen short due to the choice of an incorrect voiceover talent.

Make it count! You are not choosing the voice for the video but a voice to sell your business ……..a voice that can make a SALE. Then, it’s extremely important. Isn’t it? Get the picture! The voiceover you choose could have a significant impact on the engagement and the effectiveness of your video as a whole.

Here are some worthwhile voice over tips that we’ve learned along the way that might make your process easier.
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While video ads are not a new thing, there are many social channels and platforms such as YouTube, Bing, and Facebook that provide video hosting options. The video marketing trends in 2016 however will be a lot different since Google is finally set to get into in-SERP video advertising. This is really a sign that more and more users have become more accepting of online video ads. With the continuation of these trends, users can expect to witness more and more of these video adds pop up on platforms, even in the most unexpected places. And since Google now owns YouTube, there are indeed a lot of possibilities. Read more…


A video production house that has crafted more than 500 explainer videos has officially stated that there is no point in wasting money on explainer videos. Now, this statement should not be taken as is because if you go in depth into their statement, you will realize that there is more to what they mean by that. Essentially, the production house is saying that it will be pretty useless to put in all that effort into explainer videos if there is no concrete goal in the minds of the clients.

What The Clients Need To Focus On

Clients should start realizing that making an explainer video is not all about the video itself. Rather it is more about the kind of script that is drafted. They need to understand that unless they are clear on what they wish to convey through their videos, their video will pretty much be useless. Instead of going haphazardly towards it and taking a useless approach, here are a few tips into making sure that your explainer video is worth it: Read more…

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Explainer Videos Everywhere

Videos! Videos ! Videos ! And Explainer Videos are on top. Explainer videos have acquired an explosive growth over the past few years. With the advent of the internet and social networking, businesses have employed videos as the major source of their promotional campaigns. And Explainer videos have boomed in popularity due to their proven effectiveness in growing a business. Yes. Explainer Videos have become the lifeblood of any business and especially the startups adapt to it due to its affordability.

Thus, explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool for increasing the conversion rates and a visual medium capable of boosting the business sales.

The script is the KING!

The video is the heart of many businesses. And the script is the heart of any video. It’s crucial because it’s the engine that drives the program.
The script is the king and the backbone of a top-notch video.
A well-written script weaved with the right engagement factors can make the video go viral and has the potential to flourish a business.

But, how do we nail a viral script. This article is a perfect guide leading you to it. Read more…

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