The Science behind the Rise of Explainer Videos

They Say a Picture is worth a Thousand Words. What about a Video?

We humans are hardwired to believe in what we SEE. It is no secret that visual graphics have always had a greater impact on the human mind as compared to reading something. What we see affects us instantly, while what we read takes a little while to sink in.

Perhaps that’s the main reason that explainer videos have become the next big thing in online marketing. From industry bigwigs (Facebook, Drop box) to startup enterprises, everyone has joined the explainer video bandwagon. Drop Box in particular, increased its conversion rate by 10% – by simply incorporating an explainer video on its homepage. This 10% conversion ultimately led to a whopping 10 million customers and an additional 48 million worth of revenue. All this just through the help of a 2-minute explainer video!

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