Social videos have seen a meteoric rise and have affected business ROI positively when used judiciously. Companies are now seeing the merits of all kinds of content – long and short-form, videos – to capture a market share and attract a large audience base.

Facebook has grown in power in the video marketing strategy realm, which in turn has helped increase its market share. It has moved from being a purely personal social site to being taken a trifle more seriously by creators of videos – Facebook’s auto-play feature has contributed to the number of video views. It has the infrastructure in place to support even long-form content. Companies are beginning to understand the opportunities available to them when launching video strategies, thus enabling them to take complete advantage of this new rage.
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Before the advent of the internet, people used to socialize in the traditional sense i.e. meeting each other face to face to exchange ideas, share their love life issues, gossip about their neighbor’s wife etc. but were only connected to each other locally. They had to write a letter if they wanted to communicate with a loved one living thousands of miles away. With the arrival of the internet, certain aspects of social interaction evolved and became more global, as people started communicating with their friends and loved ones overseas through email and chat applications. This gave rise to social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube where people could share interests, ideas, exchange funny cat photos and videos, and communicate with each other. Nowadays social platforms are also used by companies and individuals to market and promote their products and brand.
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According to a recent report, Facebook pulled in revenue of $1.81 billion during the second quarter period of 2013. Facebook has been seeing successful growth in the revenue as well as in the number of users. It has witnessed 1.15 billion monthly active users as of June 30th, while its daily active users stood at 669 million. The other biggest progress is that its number of mobile users has increased by 50 percent compared to last quarter year.

Over these years a lot of users use Facebook to market their videos. They find it comfortable and interesting. Imagine if you have to follow the old-fashioned ways of marketing? Sending e-mails, creating banners, images, etc; the days of banner and image advertising are fading faster. Hence, experts have agreed to follow new marketing strategies for the attention of all audiences.

The first ever video uploaded on YouTube was by the co-founder Jawed Karim at San Diego Zoo. Ever since that, videos have become more popular. At present, YouTube ranks high on video distributing platform.

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