Top 10 Ways to Measure the Success of Video Marketing Campaigns

Videos bring together sound, pictures and interesting story lines.And when the “social” aspect is added to these videos, what we get is a surefire way of delivering a targeted message to consumers instantly.

But it is extremely difficult to measure the returns created by an online video. Sometimes,marketers and agencies spend more money on determining success than actually producing the video..

Here, we have lined up the important measures and metrics that should be invested in early on if you are planning to create viral videos. These are the top 10 measures of a video campaign’s success.

1. Number of Views:

These depict the number of times a video has been opened. This doesn’t automatically mean that the video was watched through till the end. But a good number of views will let you know that at least the thumbnail and title are attractive enough to get a click from potential viewers.

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Twitter for Video Marketing

Twitter is a uniquely challenging environment on which to do video marketing. The limited amount of information permitted by the Twitter format drives the need to pack a lot of information into a short but coherent message meant to engage a target audience. As such, the appeal of the video must be immediate, forceful, and relevant. Otherwise, it will simply be lost in the mix with the potential customer simply moving on to the next tweet never learning who the sponsor of the video was and certainly not watched again.

Whatever expectation the sponsor had from the customer who watched the video, that expectation will not be met. For those reasons, some very sound strategic thinking and creative energy must go into doing video marketing on Twitter. Your six seconds of glory can either go viral or just be six seconds that will live in infamy, your Pearl Harbor of doom.

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Why Viral Videos Go Viral

The viral video is the most sought after marketing anomaly for entrepreneurs!

2 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. And everyone wants to know how to harness this power and direct it to their videos. What really makes a video go viral?

Well for starters, it doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive or long enough to be mistaken for a feature film! All it needs is to be engaging enough to stir up some kind of emotions!

But that is easier said than done.

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16 Tips to Get YouTube Subscribers Exponentially

Creating great videos and posting them to YouTube does not guarantee viewers. You need to get your videos ranked higher in the search results for viewers to find them. The best way to do that is to get more views, which is the main concern here. Increasing the number of subscribers you have can enhance your videos’ views on YouTube. Here are 16 tips to get YouTube subscribers exponentially.

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Tricks to Add Humor to Your Explainer Video Script

People avoid online explainer videos which they find boring. Adding humor to your explainer video script can reduce the boredom quotient and compel the viewers to watch the entire video. Here are 10 tricks you can use to include humor in your explainer video script writing.

1. Spread it Out

Start your explainer video script with a funny anecdote but you should move on to your main message right away. Don’t place too much emphasis on the humor or you will come across as a comedian and no one will take you seriously. Leave some humor for the rest of the video.

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