“Organizational culture is the sum of values and rituals which serve as ‘glue’ to integrate the members of the organization”

– Richard Perrin.

Every company has its own unique profile which ultimately becomes its culture. In groups of people from diverse backgrounds who work together, organizational culture is an invisible but powerful force that influences the behavior of the members of that group. We at Bode Animation have a unique way of working and celebrating our success on every single project that we do. Read more…


SEP 11, 2015.

We were Thrilled… Excited…Overwhelmed… We started our celebrations!


We didn’t just stop with awards. We had an action packed day with loads of fun. We shared great thoughts full of enthusiasm.

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Hey y’all! We are now in the Silicon Valley of India.

Yes, Bode Animation expands to Bangalore.

Still overwhelmed by the support of our AWESOME clients.

We would love to be able to gift everyone a certificate of appreciation. Kidding.

We continue to say “WE HAVE THE WORLD’S BEST CLIENTS EVER!!!” and we truly mean it.

You recognized our work, identified the strengths and helped us serve better in every possible way. You have shaped up Bode Animation.

A New Season. “Val – Director of Sales and Marketing”:

We are delighted to introduce Valliappan Subbaiah fondly called by our team as Val.

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Bode Animation has celebrated the event for employee awards for the year 2012-13 on 26 of July 2013. The function has arranged at Blue Bay resort Chennai from morning to evening followed by the award ceremony. The best employee, team player and performer awards has given to the respected winners by the CEO Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan and Mr. Loganathan MD of Bode solutions Pvt Ltd. It was a refreshing experience for all of the employees with the Management people from the hectic work schedules. The day was full filled by a lot of fun and games arranged by HR team after the award function; and ended up with a movie at AGS.

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