Discover Top 10 Reasons to Invest on Explainer Videos Instead

The concept of having a video go viral is too enticing to ignore. While it is true that a viral video reaches out to more people; does it result in the same percentage of conversion rate?

The answer is no. Why? Because when it comes to brand recognition, the attention span of the consumer is shrinking day by day. With so much on offer, being visible only is just not enough for a business. You have got to be relatable and user-friendly as well and click with the audience on a personal level.

You can’t just tell them about your strategy, but you actually need to show them how you work.
And that’s where explainer videos come in.

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Why Viral Videos Go Viral

The viral video is the most sought after marketing anomaly for entrepreneurs!

2 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. And everyone wants to know how to harness this power and direct it to their videos. What really makes a video go viral?

Well for starters, it doesn’t need to be outrageously expensive or long enough to be mistaken for a feature film! All it needs is to be engaging enough to stir up some kind of emotions!

But that is easier said than done.

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