A bad video is worse than having a video at all.

The problem is that many corporate are creating their explainer videos in-house to save money, which in turn could knock off your website’s value if not conceptualized and executed well.

Here is a list of avoidable goof ups in making your explainer video.

1. Focusing on animation than message

There is a possible temptation to lose focus on the message while in the process of creating your explainer video. After All you can create wonders with your animation that is not possible with live videos but remember, you are here to create wonders for your business more than an amazing video animation. So your explainer video script should be simple and help people quickly understand your message and motivate them for the desired call for action.

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As a business owner, you would have invested tons of hard-earned money in marketing your online videos, but have you ever assessed its ROI performance? If not, then it is high time that you do with video analytics, and keep your business on track.

What is video analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that helps you to monitor your online video’s performance with the latest metrics & reports. The information gathered through your video’s statistical reports like views, traffic source, demographics, etc., helps to evaluate, tweak and enhance its ROI performance.

What you can achieve?

  • Helps to obtain real-time analytics.
  • Effectively optimize your content and capture leads.
  • Minimize your production cost,
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Today video is the most effective way to tell the story and is the preferred social medium by the marketing professionals. Within very short duration videos have become main key elements in content marketing.

You may said or heard the words, “we are definitely going to use more video marketing in this new year”. So there is no doubt that 2014 is the year of video content marketing.

Videos have been popular since the birth of YouTube and many Social Medias. In 2013, nearly everyone said “The next big thing in content marketing is video”.

Why video content marketing becoming big:

No doubt, content is certainly King! Effective content secures your loyal customers and that allows you to touch new heights of success in business. Marketers started spending nearly ⅓ of their budget on content marketing.

We can see video content is becoming more responsive than other types. Because, videos are generally faster and easier to digest than text-heavy content.

Day by day increased influence between customers and buyers by video, turns marketers to get more feedback about their content.

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With New Year coming right around the corner, it’s time finding the best way to send a fun-filled greeting for your clients. But, it becomes a greater challenge since holiday seasons turn out to be a competitive period for all business enterprises.

Although there may be various medium, video grows out to be an easier option for startups as well as for developed organization. The reason is videos are more engaging and entertaining than a mere greeting card or typing a bunch of words through e-mail. Your clients may either take a look at it or consider it as a spam; it will not create any impact for your brand.

Special greeting videos mean a lot to the clients, it is like showing gratitude to them. So, don’t miss the chance of re-connecting with them.

This will not only create a long-lasting relationship with clients, but also will enhance your business branding. It’s not new, the custom of sending greetings days back to the ancient Chinese. This time of the year becomes important for all marketers to prepare their marketing campaigns for holidays.

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It is no surprise that many presentations go unrecognized or unworthy mainly because they are not being presented properly. Around the world, there are about thousands of people trying to give a proper presentation, some are great and have a powerful impact on the audiences. But, in today’s creative growing world, it is unimaginable to think about a boring presentation. Now, if you are still wondering what could be the best way to present a great idea, the answer is- “an explainer video.”

An explainer video does not merely explain ideas; they make sure to bring focus and attention and make an idea easy to understand by presenting it in a productive as well as in a creative form of video. Most of the online surfers prefer quick information, instead of scrolling down detailed pages. Even online marketers and executives don’t choose to skim through slide shows and presentations, but if given an option to choose among a slide show presentation or video presentation, they would gingerly agree to watch a video presentation. Such is the case with today’s generation; visuals fill more appeal than long generated content.

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