The Invincible growth of FinTech

In Spite of the term Fintech being in vogue, not many of them including the tech- savvies have a handle on it. But, it is an undeniable fact that its growth, however, is remarkable and invincible. Fintech is a separate arena that is radically proliferating and changing the way we live as society and how we do business professionally. It is true that the rise of fintech has forever changed the way companies do business. Precisely, it is the segment of the technology startup that is disrupting sectors such as mobile payments, money transfers, loans, asset management and more.

Fintech leverages the growth of explainer videos

Fintech is here to stay. And so, is the exponential growth of explainer videos. Explainer videos are no longer an option but has emerged over the last few years as the present and future of effective communication. So, why not both industries join hands for the benefit of each other. With thought as the base, many Fintech organizations had leveraged the power of explainer videos to deliver their products and offerings in simpler terms to their target audience.

10 hottest Fintech companies to watch

Find below some of the popular Fintech companies that had exploited the power and the massive reach of explainer videos to achieve their goal. Explainer videos produce engaging animated videos for all industries and their contribution to the finance / banking industry is pivotal.

Here are 10 Fintech companies to watch.


2. TransferWise


4. Paytm

5. FundingCircle

6. Biz4loans



9. FSS

10. Flint

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