Irrespective of the size of your business, if you are able to produce great videos for marketing, you can compete with organizations significantly larger than yours in terms of size and resources. The best part about video marketing is that it does not cost a lot of money and can improve your sales significantly, making for highly impressive ROIs.

Two Reasons Why Startups Should Use Video Marketing

1. It helps to increase visibility and reach with which they can expand on their existing customers. A well thought out video marketing plan can actually help in reaching out to customers you never thought were possible to reach. Also, research conducted has revealed that 45.4% of the internet users view one or more videos in a month and about 32 videos are exposed to an average user every month. This means that your marketing video will be seen by the lot.

2. It gives businesses a chance to stand out from the crowd. Not many of your competitors are doing video marketing, and those who are doing it may not be doing it right. If you use this marketing tactic correctly, you will truly shine.

Tips To Distinguish Yourself from the Competition with Video Marketing

1. Use the Right Tools

Video marketing is thought to be a tough process in content marketing. Many of the advertisers think that making videos requires a huge investment of money and the whole advertising needs to be planned out properly. In reality, while there should be some planning, the process does not require a lot of money. All that is required is that the right marketing tools be used.

2. Invest Wisely

A business should not simply throw away money on video marketing but instead make a concrete plan on how they can derive the most amount of value. You should know how you want your video to turn out to be and then hire the relevant people who can turn your idea into a reality. After all, if your video is good, it will help increase the understanding of your product in the minds of people by as much as 74%.

The planning should also incorporate where you want your video to be marketed so as to get the most amount of attention. It is said that YouTube is currently the second most searched site in the world. When you invest wisely, create a video that stands out, and market it at the right forums, you will automatically distinguish yourself from others.

3. Making Videos without Resources

Video making does not necessarily require money. You can use a lot of the software available online to create the best videos possible, provided you know how to do so. Placing these videos on the online platforms also does not require an investment of resources. All you need to know is where to put the videos and when. Online videos are watched everyday by 100 million users. That’s 100 million people for you to target your marketing efforts at.

4. Use the Channels Properly

There are so many channels available for posting videos online. Companies should make use of channels like YouTube and Facebook where they will be able to standout and reach a lot of people at the same time.

5. Brand Value Increases with The Number Of Videos Posted

The more videos you post for your consumers to see, the more value you will end up increasing for your brand. You can also make video tutorials, generate creative content, and update your FAQ with the help of videos, especially since 80% of the internet users will remember the videos that they have watched.

6. Videos Generate Life

Videos are more popular than a simple image or text. Therefore, marketing through videos will help you gain more attention. With videos, your content will automatically be able to come to life and you will be able to communicate to your audience in a much better manner. More users will actually prefer watching a video as opposed to reading content. It is said that 80% of the online users will definitely end up watching videos, whereas only 20% of them will actually make an effort to read content.

7. Video Making and Video Marketing Are Both Very Important

Most of the video campaigns will fail for two reasons, i.e. either the videos were not made well or their marketing was not done in a proper manner and using the right tools. Therefore, companies need to focus on these two aspects to make sure everything happens smoothly.

8. Do Not Plan For Viral Videos

While making viral videos is a great thing, you should not plan for one, especially when it comes to your first video. Instead, you should put your efforts into making many small videos and sharing them across various platforms. Let your hard work speak for itself.

9. Do Not Treat Video Marketing As Something To Be Outsourced

Your videos will only turn out great once you are thoroughly involved with the process yourself. If you outsource the process to someone who does not understand your requirements, chances are that they will not be able to do as good a job as you can do yourself. This is because only you can know what you want.

If a startup uses video marketing, they can establish themselves really well in the market, provided they make a good video and plan well for their video marketing. A good video with bad planning and vice versa could be a disastrous thing, and might even cause all your hard work to go down the drain. However, one thing is for sure, videos are the latest and most effective marketing tool, and startups as well as established organizations should capitalize on video marketing. The good news for most firms is that 90% of the users have said that they find watching a video helps in their decision into buying a certain product!

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