Are you having idea to create an animated explainer video? But before going for yours, want to see a real time case study? A well known successful example, we use it on a daily basis, we love it, a lot of similar services competing with them and they become what they are today.

Obviously, we are going to talk about Dropbox!

Dropbox’s Flashback:

Companies, we seeing are all our problem solving machines, Dropbox was also no different. Few years ago, no one knew what the heck they did or what a virtual storage company even it was. So we need to create awareness to people to know what they had actually.

Dropbox solved, computer users pain everywhere with its simple solution. By downloading a small program, Dropbox users could suddenly access their documents across computers and devices.

One of the big problem that Dropbox faced was, few new ideas that people had without analogy and so it was very difficult to explain.

Dropbox’s viral referral campaign started out by using Google Ad words to reach the customers. This cost them as much as $388 per new customer acquisition, but Dropbox’s product price tag was $99 unfortunately it was become non profitable campaign. So they ran a failed campaign using Ad words.

Dropbox Found a Solution:

Do you know what made Dropbox success today? and the well known Dropbox’s secret?

Dropbox started having its humble beginning and decided to strip everything back. So then they designed a website only with two main components: An Explainer Video and a button to Download.

Dropbox visitors started focus on their homepage explainer video with 100% attention. Visitor’s cannot found a way to go out the link or page. Dropbox video hold its audience to watch the video fully and make them to understand their services.

By watching their explainer video, most of the people now learn how to use Dropbox and downloaded to enjoy the benefits.

Statistics to Learn from Dropbox Explainer Video Marketing:

1. Video lovers all around the world:

The online video lovers are there all over the world and the they are crazy on a big hit. A research confirms 50% internet users regularly watch funny videos online.

When Dropbox’s homepage was redesigned with short animated explainer video to introduce and explain the product, Dropbox’s website visits started increase and had more than 2 million users.

2. Video is worth than words and images:

In case of image, “One look is worth a thousand words” . Then thinking about a video, definitely priceless. So many people want their information sent in the form of video.

A customer will get 52% more confidence in purchase decision by seeing a video of that product.

With Explainer videos, it is easier to show the things in a different way and get across the message you want to portray.

3. Increased Product Understanding:

The idea of an Explainer video is to explain your product or brand in 90 seconds (150-240 words). It helps you to give perfect pitch all over the world every time and you don’t even have to be there.

Dropbox Explainer video chosen a story of a person who experiences a problem and finds Dropbox solves it. Their video presented with a style of stop motion animation. Also that video helped less tech-savvy people like our parents understand the basic concept of Dropbox much better.

4. Increased Customers:

The average user’s visit to a website with video is 77% longer than the site which has just images and texts.

Dropbox increased their conversion rate 10% by adding a simple explainer video. That 10% led to 10 million additional customers.

5. Up Your Google Result:

Websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page. In fact a video is 41% more likely to get clicked than a text listing.

With an explainer video Dropbox can able to get 30, 000 views per day, or about 900, 000 views per month. During three years the video has been available, Dropbox got 30 million views and making it one of the most viewed product videos on the web.

6. Higher in Traffic:

The goal with a video is not viral marketing and not getting people to blog about it. It was focused on providing an on-site resource or solution for the users to get turned onto the product. Explainer videos have power to keep web traffic on your website for longer and reduce bounce rates.

Dropbox was able to get longer site visits because of an explainer video and the result was 10% increase in sign up’s. That is 10% increase in conversion.

7. Compels Sharability:

People willing to share, if they found a great video online and which goes hand-in-hand with mass interest. Viral shares results to more in conversion.

Dropbox started viral referral campaign and encouraged users to share the service via social media and e-mail. Customers who was satisfied about the product and the other findings through referrals signed up into Dropbox. Which resulted in a total of 2.8 million invitations being sent out over a 30-day period.

8. Video Raises Conversion Rate:

Explainer videos have been proven to increase conversion rates. According to Internet Retailer, up to 85% of people most likely to buy a product by seeing an explainer video of it.

All our marketing dollars are directly tied to conversions and new businesses through explainer videos. Dropbox increased their conversion rate 10% with their simple explainer video, which increases 10 million additional customers.

9. Millions in Revenue:

Explainer videos are the best way to project your story to the audience rather than just explaining. This is what exactly Dropbox did by exchanging 120 seconds video (costs less than $50, 000) for 10 million customers and $48, 000, 000 in revenue.

Explainer video takes the advantage that a small spent turn into great return. It worked well for Dropbox, they spent $50, 000 to tell their story and resulted in 5 million new customers and over $24M in revenue.

10. Brain Science Works:

We know all loves videos and it’s all about brain science. Our brain always wants to hear and view than reading a plain text. Explainer video stimulates both visuals and auditory senses in our brain.

Over 68% more information can be retain by people through the use of visual and verbal learning cues. Explainer videos are appealing with this advantage. And Dropbox also banking on brain science.

Finally: Dropbox Says

As per Albert Ni at Dropbox, the existence of the Explainer Video increases conversation by a hefty margin, and probably gets them several thousand signups a day that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

If you are thinking to have an Explainer video for your business, think how to use your video for business, then think about the difference between a video that markets and a video that educates, as well as engage, also think where do you going to place your video. Because Dropbox’s video placed on the front page of the site, just above the download button and holds its importance. Finally Dropbox explainer video made the investment worth.

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