How long would you take to read a Da Vinci Code? At least about a month? And you watch it in 2 hours!

Even the most complex business concepts can be simplified with video explanations in a short span of time and in a manner that engages the audience. The crux of corporate communication involves constant communication of brand messages through various media and an explainer video plays a critical role in getting your marketing messages across easily.

And with YouTube having grabbed an incredible level of attention from the internet viewers as the second largest search engine only next to Google, that captures the essence of how powerful video marketing can be.

Marketing and communication has evolved from the traditional print media and there is a compulsive need to stay competitive with the advanced market scenario. PowerPoint and other traditional presentation methods have simply become too obsolete and boring to make your audience sit up and listen to you. And if you are making a sales presentation, remember your audience are professionals from the corporate sectors who are already exhausted viewing presentations and are probably the people who most hate the word PPT on the planet. You need to give them a break and wake them up to your presentation.

Also, interesting videos are the most shared types of content on social media sites and a good video content spreads more rapidly than we can imagine.

We are what we have seen

Videos have the power to influence any thought or act and can create a strong impact. And that is why movies have seamlessly affected our culture and way of life. A video content has a long shelf life, it stays forever and remains to emphasize your brand name and reinforce your brand value.

Corporate communication, both internal and external has to create an impact. Your communication shouldn’t just be said, but be heard, understood and persuade them for the desired call to action. And in today’s most competitive market scenarios, it’s certainly a highly challenging task to communicate your marketing messages to your audience and win them over your competitors. There is a compelling need to create cut-throat advertising and marketing strategies and implement them in the most innovative ways and find the right medium where your audiences are.

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Most often what you have said is not what is perceived. So shockingly, the results are disastrous. That’s because, communication is multi-layered. When two people communicate, there are at least eight people who are involved in the process of communication. So join in and let’s together make communication better. - A.W. Jenifer
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