Just remember that every big multinational competitor company that gives you a nightmare the moment you think of its name, you would have read a million times that they all started in small cubicle office spaces. And a strong positive attitude coupled with a mind-blowing business plan is what you need to win the rat race.

Don’t be an Obstacle

Here, I would like to share a small piece of information. If you are one them who think that video games are the worst enemies for children, please read on….

Have you ever wondered why these kids’ games have repeated boring model of overcoming obstacles and finally winning the game? These games are not mere games but designed with strong concept of training young brains to overcome real life obstacles. And this is definitely the need of the hour in this highly competitive world.
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Irrespective of the size of your business, if you are able to produce great videos for marketing, you can compete with organizations significantly larger than yours in terms of size and resources. The best part about video marketing is that it does not cost a lot of money and can improve your sales significantly, making for highly impressive ROIs.

Two Reasons Why Startups Should Use Video Marketing

1. It helps to increase visibility and reach with which they can expand on their existing customers. A well thought out video marketing plan can actually help in reaching out to customers you never thought were possible to reach. Also, research conducted has revealed that 45.4% of the internet users view one or more videos in a month and about 32 videos are exposed to an average user every month. This means that your marketing video will be seen by the lot.

2. It gives businesses a chance to stand out from the crowd. Not many of your competitors are doing video marketing, and those who are doing it may not be doing it right. If you use this marketing tactic correctly, you will truly shine.

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How long would you take to read a Da Vinci Code? At least about a month? And you watch it in 2 hours!

Even the most complex business concepts can be simplified with video explanations in a short span of time and in a manner that engages the audience. The crux of corporate communication involves constant communication of brand messages through various media and an explainer video plays a critical role in getting your marketing messages across easily. Read more…


So what’s your marketing plan to reach your prospective customers? Getting the paparazzi attention for your product is a very challenging task in this highly competitive world of infinite brands.

And the problem is you have a strong feeling that no one knows your product better than you and no one can explain your product better than you; and even YOU, as a product owner may not find easy to carry the right essence of your product to your audience all the time.

That’s where the power of the product video comes in handy with you. Video represents your brand messages uniformly, whoever might be carrying your marketing messages across. A well planned corporate video conveys the messages you want to, across various media.

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A bad video is worse than having a video at all.

The problem is that many corporate are creating their explainer videos in-house to save money, which in turn could knock off your website’s value if not conceptualized and executed well.

Here is a list of avoidable goof ups in making your explainer video.

1. Focusing on animation than message

There is a possible temptation to lose focus on the message while in the process of creating your explainer video. After All you can create wonders with your animation that is not possible with live videos but remember, you are here to create wonders for your business more than an amazing video animation. So your explainer video script should be simple and help people quickly understand your message and motivate them for the desired call for action.

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